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Author:  Kungfupandacam [ Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:36 pm ]
Post subject:  The Forum of Hatred

I know I'm new here.
Well relatively new about a year in and this place was a shithole.
This is a long post, and I don't know if it should be here. But here's my suggestion.
But back then this post was here:
philliesfan134 wrote:
SkittleMonster wrote:
I like how quickly this forum became a *(censored)* shithole :lol:

It may very well be a shithole, but it's our shithole.

BrewersFuzz wrote:
Wow this topic is good. Lots of truth.

I like what Phillies said. It's our shithole and it's gonna stay this way :lol:

The forum was together and we all weren't you know at each other throats.
I don't relaly know, but this forum is not going up.
Even though this forum's been *(censored)* up, I think we need a New Year's resolution.
For me, I will stop spamming and won't become rangers 2.0.
But to Rangers and PP27, one word *(censored)* off.
It's not the forum it was in 2008 or 2007, idk, but we have to deal with that.
We have to know that this place has some rules to and isn't a total shithole.
It was always a community. Even after some PP27 drama it went away fast. Even though LGM thought I was PP27.
Anyway we dealed with the PP27 alt, but it didn't matter to me. as long as he wasn't rude to me, I was fine.
I am going to tell you about my class. We started with 21 kids in our class. we were all friends, there was one boyfriend and girlfriend which was weird, but wasn't the first time. We then had a girl from Camden, New Jersey. She was 13, but she kind of hated everyone. It was mean. She started a rift in the class and then one of our kids in our class left and then another one.
Finally, I understood this forum. The real way. And then this forum didn't seem so bad. There are some people causing a rift like the newcomers(*cough*PP27*cough*)(*cough*RANGERS*cough*). I might doing some spam, but I am not going down people's throats and that's the problem.
There will always be spam, but we hate each other for some reason. Who knows why but I am going to blame PP27 and RANGERS.
The tension with the newcomer, andhisnameisjohncena, for me is wrong, but for some reason I think he's RANGERS.
I am going to try to be peaceful to everyone, but I think all of us need #coolerheadsprevail
THis post also scared me to put this down:
Baseballteen9500 wrote:
Many years ago there's a forum that was started and it continues today. Full of misfits the site continued to grow. Players, passwords, stories and logs galore. The place to be to talk about sports, qualifications, and everyday life. Everybody was so friendly and the site was easily accessible. The leader who's past was a shade of dark. A net of 34 dishes. An ex major leaguer and a fuzzy Brewer. This site was amazing.

The place changed over the years veterans came and went giving the newer members advice as well as tips on how things should and shouldn't go. Just as the golden years started they seemed to fade away... Posts began to not make sense, members would constantly argue, and members would be getting bullied. The dark days of the site had arrived. The longest day started with a bad post was usually diffused but the arguments continued sometimes going on for days at a time.

I myself have come and gone seeing how the site was like when it first started. The fighting I had and sometimes caused had ceased. The trolling I had been put through as hazing had stopped as well. For a minute I felt as peace with the site. Nobody was online it was very peaceful but also terribly lonely. I miss this site and all of its chaos.


But I guess where he's coming from. I've read past threads and they aren't as bad either. But we are at each other's throats way too much.
It might be a rift, but it's slowly being fixed. I feel that if we become a community again we won't have to fight fire with fire. (*looks at*phils)
AgentP wrote:
detroittigers15 wrote:
where my forum gone?

actual hell

bring the gunmen back pls
philliesfan134 wrote:
that'd require lgm to actually have a brain, care, or a soul

however, I don't see why we don't just ban him - even if he comes back we know it's him. he *(censored)* up his chance already

also i don't think stuff like this is helping. fighting fire with fire? that shit won't work

Posts like these are killing our forum. I also think the Jacob Sartorius crap though on the Rewop Sorp post was wrong, but I don't care. It's splitting us. All of it is splitting us. I don't know where this should be, but this should be a baseball community, not a forum of hate.
It's really sad that this baseball forum has come to a forum of hate. I love this place. It's nice here, it's not bad. I don't care about spamming at this point either. And we need help here. We need to come together and hold hands. We need to come together as a forum. As a forum for gods sake. As a community.
I know I've posted stupid stuff and things fighting fire with fire against RANGERS, but I've learned that's not the awnswer. Also the thing about well hating on atheism. That was my fault too. But I've matured my non-matureness, if that's a word. That's what cbassian told me to do. As this forum is slowly dying and does not look like it's going to get especially better, it is. I believe in this community.
I'm scared myself of what people will say, after I get cussed out by pretty much everyone, but I think we need to start be understanding of everyone. I have started to tolerate andhisnameisjohncena. I'm starting to get everyone here. We've come important steps closer to friendliness like stopping the tism nonsense, but it's time to make another big step towards coming together as a community.


Author:  LetsGoMets77 [ Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Forum of Hatred

holy *(censored)* no one gives a shit

Author:  AdamJones113 [ Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Forum of Hatred

Nah, you know what, I agree, and sure, I haven't been on here that long. Part of that is definitely because certain people are comfortable just using this as a place to hang out with friends and talk shit. It turns off the few new members who might be interested—mostly because of the shit talking. Not everyone wants to spend time on a forum with such a bad attitude.
There are a lot of bright spots here. The game binds us together—we need to build off the Marvins, not off the Zero Gibsons (not the forum member, I mean the in-game character). Positive emphasis is the right way—encourage that, just ignore any serious shit talking. Obviously some will stay, it's a tight community, but that crap has to be the exception, not the common feeling.

Just my couple of thoughts. I like the intimacy of the forum (as opposed to big ones like OS), I like it a lot, but I am in agreement that it would be a lot healthier without so much shit and [re-joining for the purpose of] spamming/trolling.

Author:  BrewersFuzz [ Sun Dec 25, 2016 2:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Forum of Hatred

I'm only leaving this forum when I die bitches

I don't even try to come back it's just compulsory for me to visit this site every time I open up a web browser

Author:  AgentP [ Sun Dec 25, 2016 6:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Forum of Hatred

BrewersFuzz wrote:
I'm only leaving this forum when I die bitches

I don't even try to come back it's just compulsory for me to visit this site every time I open up a web browser

same tbh

ultimate goal is to hit 10000 posts someday

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