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Author:  scott0530 [ Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:55 am ]
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The Franchise Log
If every member on this forum had a nickname mine would easily be “The Prodigal Son.” I always seem to turn up briefly, then I’m gone for about a year before making a brief cameo before disappearing again. Truth be told, MLBPP is one of my favorite games of all time and I would love to be able to kick back, relax and play more than I do. Doing that has proven to be very difficult, especially over the last few years. Between work, my family and writing, there isn’t much free time left in my days.
However, I’m determined to try and set aside some personal time for myself, even if it’s just for an hour or two a week. And to accomplish that, I came up with the perfect idea for a new season log to keep myself fully engaged.
Since I enjoy writing and being creative I’ve decided to do this season log in more of a story telling format. The idea is to still do some updates with just box scores, but I also want to write short “chapters” that will tell the stories of the players on my team, as well as the coaches and maybe even management. I’m going to do as many “chapter updates” as I can but, with the exception of the first few chapters, I’m largely just going to winging it (which is how I normally do it) so those updates my not come as much as I’d like them to.

Charlotte Cannoneers
During the Revolutionary War, British Commander Lord Cornwallis referred to the city of Charlotte as a “Hornets’ Nest” in connection to the heavy American resistance and large number of British troops that were lost during the Battle of Charlotte (That’s how the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets got their name). The name “Cannoneer” goes all the way back to the 1500’s and is still used to describe the soldiers in artillery divisions tasked with deploying and firing cannons and mortars. Using this name allows me to still honor the patriots that fought in North Carolina during the revolution while creating a new and unique name.

The Roster
With an expansion team most of my players are going to be graybars (I may have cheated a bit here to get good graybars). I also have four players I created in success mode, two pitchers and two fielders, one of each I gambled on abilities to create, the other two were straight up, no gambling. I filled my roster by taking four prospects that, in 2008, were all highly touted, (Except my one homer pick) but were not on any MLBPP ’08 roster. The hard part was scaling back those prospects abilities from the stars they are now to what they probably were in 2008 (I guessed).

Coaching Staff
This is where I leave you in the dark till I write chapter 1: “The Reluctant Skipper.”

I know I’ll have fun writing this log/story and I hope you all have fun following.

Author:  ZeroGibson13 [ Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:35 pm ]
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Wow, seems really interesting! Can't wait for more!

Author:  Powerprosfan31 [ Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:45 pm ]
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Nice, dude!

Back with a bang, it seems

Author:  AgentP [ Sun Oct 08, 2017 1:51 pm ]
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Yeah, this seems like a really cool idea! I'll be following, as usual

Author:  scott0530 [ Sat Oct 14, 2017 7:18 pm ]
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Chapter 1: The Reluctant Skipper
“I don’t know what other advice I can offer you, Matt. We’ve been over this a hundred time in the last week, I think we've just about covered all your options.” Misty said, her lips caught somewhere in between a sad smile and a frown.
Matt sat reclined in an easy chair in the opposite side of the living room from his wife. He leaned back in his chair and the sight of the Christmas tree sitting in the corner caught his eye. He gave the tree an angry stare. “Yeah, Merry Christmas to me.”
Matt was a professional baseball player and, at the conclusion of last season the team he played for, The Florida Marlins, had folded. Ironically in the same year the league was contracting, it was also expanding. None of Matt’s teammates, or himself, were taken in the leagues expansion draft giving all the ex-Florida players rights into free agency.
He really didn’t expect to get a job as a starting catcher when he went into free agency, but he was fairly certain he could at least find a backup role. He had really wanted to end up on the west coast so he could spend more time with Misty, who was a professional beach volleyball player, and primarily trained in California. What Matt didn’t expect was to be in the position he currently found himself in. Here he was, just a couple days before New Year’s and he had yet to field even a single offer from any team to play next season.
The one offer he did receive had completely taken him by surprise. He had gotten a call from his agent a few days before Christmas telling him that the expansion Charlotte Cannoneers were looking to make him their manager. Since that day he and Misty have been having on and off conversations about whether or not he should take the job, or take the chance and wait a few more weeks to see if any team out there was interested in signing him.
“I really wanted to keep playing… I can still play.” Matt said as he turned his ire away from the innocent tree and addressed Misty a bit bitterly.
“I know you can but, it doesn’t look like you have much choice.” Misty replied as gently as she could. “Unless you’re willing to take a chance and see if you can get a minor league deal and play your way onto a roster over the spring.”
“At my age I don’t know how much I want to fight for a roster spot.” Matt replied. “And if I don’t get on a big league roster I don’t know how much I want to spend a whole summer riding around on a bus.”
Misty sat up a bit straighter and smiled. “That’s the first time I’ve heard you sound like you’ve made a decision.”
Matt pushed his feet down to close up the recliner as he also sat up. “I have been keeping up with their roster over the last week since I spoke to Garrett.” Matt said referring to the initial conversation he had with his agent and trying to recall what he had read about the Cannoneers. “It’s actually not that horrible. They did get that kid from New Jersey that was being compared to a young Alex Rodriguez and the Ivy League pitcher they drafted really tore up the Cape Cod league over the summer.”
Misty’s smile widened as she heard some excitement in Matt’s voice for the first time in a week. “Sounds like you already know your roster… Mr. Manager.” She finished with a small laugh.
Matt returned a smile. “I’ve been trying to keep up with Charlotte’s roster since I spoke with Garrett just in case this was going to be my only option. Though I will say, I’m a bit surprised. They used all their expansion picks on guys that are all highly rated prospects. They didn’t draft one guy who played in The Bigs last year.”
“Anyone you know?” Misty asked curiously seeing that Matt looked engaged.
Matt nodded. “Rick Porcello is a guy that could have made the Tigers staff out of spring this year. Wade Davis is another guy that could have made the Rays pen.” Matt replied as he recalled Charlotte’s roster. “Jay Bruce is going to be really good, kids got some power. The only one I don’t know is this Brett Gardner kid. Supposedly he’s real fast, stole a ton of bases in the minors.”
“Sounds like you’ve made up your mind.” Misty said with an amused smile.
Matt’s smile faltered a bit, but still lingered. “Charlotte’s a long way away from California.”
Misty smiled back, got up from the couch and walked across the living room. She leaned over the chair and gave Matt a kiss. “We’ve made it work for a long time and we’ll keep making it work.”
Matt sighed. “I was looking forward to seeing more of you.”
Misty leaned in and whispered in Matt’s ear causing a big smile to form on his lips. “Yeah?”
Misty smiled back as she pulled away and stood. “Call Garrett first and tell him you’ll take the job.”
Misty walked out of the living room and Matt got out of his chair to go look for his cell phone. It looked like he was heading to Charlotte.

Author:  Kungfupandacam [ Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:18 pm ]
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a new good storyline for a season mode log
crap this ain't going to be half bad. Or bad at all.

Author:  scott0530 [ Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:44 pm ]
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Cannoneer's coaches and front office

Owner: Scott0530
GM: Owen Leiden
Manager: Matt Treanor
Bench Coach: Jeff Cirilo Paul O'Neill
Pitching Coach: David "Boomer" Wells
Hitting Coach: Shawn Green
1B/IF Coach: Mark Bellhorn
3B/OF Coach: Kenny Lofton
Bullpen Coach: Bob Wickman

Author:  scott0530 [ Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:45 pm ]
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Chapter 2: Meeting of the Managers
(2 weeks before pitchers and catchers report for spring training)
Matt was meeting in the General Managers office at the team’s stadium in Charlotte with his coaching staff and the GM to start forming a rough depth chart heading into spring training. The GM’s office sat high above the stadium down the Left Field line and looked out over the field.
The office was sparsely decorated since Owen had just moved into it a few days ago, but the office did contain a large desk he and Matt had been sharing for the entirety of the day. There was a couch that sat against the back wall occupied by two of Matt’s coaches and some armchairs had been commandeered from other offices to accommodate the rest of the staff.
A large whiteboard on the opposite wall of the large windows held a whiteboard with nameplates of every player on the Cannoneer’s roster. The plates had been shuffled around for most of the day on the board as the coaches made up then changed their minds about who should be listed where.
“So what are you looking at then, Matt, platooning the kids at catcher? That’s a little unconventional.” Owen asked from behind his desk as Matt rearranged some name tiles on the board.
“For now I think so.” Matt said as he turned away from the board. “DiRosa and McMillan are both about equal defensively so I think it’s going to come down to who hits better during the spring. What do you guys think?” Matt finished asking an open question to his staff.
“I don’t think you have much of a choice.” Jeff replied looking at the board. “Second Base could be a position to move one of them to, but Maldonado should be able to lock down that spot in spring.”
“And I doubt you want to move the Rizzuto or Haverson kids off short or third. Their bats are going to be way too important to keep out of the lineup.” Shawn said in agreement.
Matt nodded and looked back at Owen. “Is Dan Johnson locked up yet?”
“I spoke to his agent at lunch, he’ll be in tomorrow to sign a contract.” Owen replied with a smile.
“Great. And with all the speed in the outfield with Curtis and Gardner; and Bruce looking to have some pop in right, we should be set lineup wise.” Matt said as he looked over at David Wells, who still had his feet propped up on a large cooler he rolled in this morning, though he wouldn’t say what was in it. “What about pitching, Boom?”
David was slouched down in his chair and had to straighten himself us as he referred to his notes. “The Ivy league kid, Wiggen, definitely looks like our one and the kid from Cuba, Solar, looks like our two. I would say Porcello, MacRae and Michalak will be our three through five. Wade Davis has experience relieving in the minors so pencil him in as our closer.”
Matt nodded appreciatively as David finished his report. “Well, I think that should about cover it for the day. Thanks for all the hard work, guys.”
“We’re done? Great. I’ve been waiting all day to crack one of these open.” David said enthusiastically as he sat up, took his feet off his cooler and opened it up. Matt couldn’t see inside, but he swore it sounded like ice clinking off glass as David fished around. Sure enough, when his hand emerged, he was holding a beer bottle. “Here, Bob, want one?” Boomer asked of Bob Wickman.
“Sure, why not.” Bob said with a shrug and David removed the cap before pulling out a few more beers and offering one to the rest of the staff.
“Boom, you haven’t changed one bit.” Kenny said with a smile as he accepted his brew with a smile.
The only two that weren’t smiling were Matt and Owen, who both looked stunned. “Boomer, what the hell?” Matt said gesturing towards the cooler.
Boomer paused in the middle of taking a swig and removed the bottle from his lips. “Sorry, skip. Didn’t mean to leave you out. You want one?”
“Boom, this is a professional baseball team, not a frat house!” Matt replied sounding frustrated.
Boomer took a hard swallow from his beer before letting loose a belch. “I know skip. That’s why I brought a twelve pack and left the keg at home.” He said sarcastically.
Jeff, who had a half mouthful of beer, had to try not hard to spray his beverage all over the room as he started to laugh. Owen even chuckled, but was rubbing his eyes.
“I even ordered a pizza about half an hour ago when I went to take a leak, it should be here soon.” David said as he held out a beer for Matt. “Aint nothing better to wash down a beer than pizza.”
“Except maybe wings.” Kenny offered up.
Matt laughed and shook his head. “What the hell. Beer me, Boom. This should be a crazy season.”

Author:  Zumikaku [ Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Charlotte Cannoneers

Oooooo I like story logs, so it'll be cool to have an active one on here again! Plus you're using real people as your characters, which is intersante.

Author:  AgentP [ Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:21 am ]
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Yeah this story already sounds interesting! Looking forward to more!

Author:  scott0530 [ Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Charlotte Cannoneers

Thanks, Zumi and Agent. Glad you guys like it. I slapped that 2nd chapter together when I was half asleep in about 45 minutes just to make the keg joke. Personally I wasn't happy with my writing there, will definitely do better in CH3 and 4.

Author:  scott0530 [ Thu Oct 19, 2017 8:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Charlotte Cannoneers

Made the early change. Moved Jeff Cirillo to manage AAA and Paul O'Neill is my bench coach. Basically needed someone fiery on my staff.

Author:  scott0530 [ Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:54 pm ]
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Chapter 3: Getting to know you
Franky pulled through the security gate as the guard had instructed and turned left into the Cannoneer’s spring training facility in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. He found the small parking lot he was looking for quickly outside of the player’s housing building, located an empty space, and parked his car. He got out of his car, and took a quick look around the facility as he walked back to the trunk of his car to retrieve his bags.
There was a small stadium in the back left of the ground’s. A typical size and seating capacity for spring training. In the back and back right there were two, pristine baseball fields. There was no seating so Franky assumed these were the practice fields. The sound of an airplane caught his attention as he looked to his right. Behind the only two story building in the complex there was a single engine prop plane descending slowly before touching down on a runway that bordered the grounds.
“Let’s hope they aren’t landing jets at two in the morning.” Franky thought out loud as he retrieved a duffel bag of clothes and his baseball bag from his trunk then started walking towards the players housing building.
Franky opened the metal front door and walked into the building. The building was only about forty feet wide, but was long enough to house about a dozen or so bunk beds along each long wall, each with cabinets between them. The only windows were on the far right and a wooden door to the far left opened into what looked like the buildings only other room. There were small tables and chairs scattered about in the middle of the building in-between the bunks. Drop ceiling hung from above and the building was well lit by florescent lights. Even though the deadline for all players to report was the following evening at six, it looked like better than half the roster had shown up early.
There were some players sitting at tables playing cards or messing around on tablets and some others were laying in their beds possibly trying to nap. Good luck with that since someone off to the far right was playing music loud enough for everyone to hear without a problem.
A couple bunks away Franky saw someone sitting up in the bottom bed off to his left. He walked over and saw the guy sitting there didn’t look much older than him, and he was only nineteen. Franky made his way over.
“Hey, pal. Is this bed taken?” Franky asked indicating the bottom bunk directly across from where the youngster sat.
The kid in the bunk had been reading a book. His head jerked upwards quickly and the look on his face clearly indicated he was surprised someone was addressing him. His eyes wide he looked around a bit, almost as if he was looking for someone, before he looked back at Franky. “Que?”
Franky was about to answer back before he caught what the kid had said to him, he instantly looked annoyed. “Great. Fantastic. That figures.”
“Sorry… um… ehhh… no Ingles.” The kid answered sounding apologetic.
“Yeah I figured that out on my own.” Franky replied as he slowly backed away and pointed to the opposite side of the room. “I’m going to go on over here.”
Franky sighed as he made his way over to the opposite side of the room. There was another person that, again looked to be about his age, sitting up in the bottom bunk messing with a tablet. There was also someone laying on the top bunk, but Franky couldn’t see his face since he had a book covering it.
“Hey, how you doin’?” Franky asked as he made it to the open bunk across from the two kids. “Is this one taken?” The one on the top bunk briefly moved his book away from his face before returning to his reading. Franky noticed that they both also looked to be about his age.
“No, man. It’s all yours.” The kid in the bottom bunk replied in a slow, southern accent.
“Thanks, bro.” Franky said as he set his bags down on the bed before introducing himself. “I’m Franky Rizzuto.”
“Roscoe Haverson, man. Nice to meet you.” Roscoe replied and the two shook.
Franky smiled. “No offence, bro. But, nice mullet.”
“Man, you Yankees have no taste.” Roscoe replied as he ran his hands threw his hair. “This is genuine, Florida pan handle, Red Neck style. Drives the ladies nuts.”
“Yeah, I’m sure they all just go wild.” Franky replied with a sarcastic smile.
“You just stick with me, man. We’ll have your hair down to your shoulders and have you opening beer bottles with your toes before you know it.” Roscoe replied.
“I already have a bad feeling that I may need a haircut just talking to you.” Franky replied dryly again.
Roscoe eyed him suspiciously. “That’s already like the third snarky comment you’ve made. You must be from New York.”
“Close. New Jersey.” Franky replied. “Don’t take it seriously, I’m just bustin’ your balls.”
“I’m good with it, man. Just don’t get mad when it comes back your way.” Roscoe replied and Franky said that was fair enough.
The two continued their conversation for a few more minutes when Franky looked back across the room and spotted the kid who spoke Spanish to him. He looked like he was now talking to someone. “Hey, Roscoe. What do you know about the Spanish kid?” Franky asked pointing in that direction and Roscoe looked over. “I ran into him before and got the impression he couldn’t speak English.”
“Oh, that dude.” Roscoe replied then looked up at the top bunk. “Hey, Henry. Where did you say that Spanish kid was from?”
“Kid’s name is Oscar Solar.” Henry replied from the top bunk. He was quiet for a moment behind his book, then put it down and continued. “He defected from Cuba about two months ago.”
“No shit.” Franky replied sounding impressed.
“Kid’s supposed to be the real deal. Though I haven’t seen him pitch yet.” Henry finished.
Franky looked back at Henry. “Wait, Henry. Wiggen, right? The Ivy league kid?”
“That’s me. Though I hear you’re supposed to be the next A-Rod.” Henry replied.
Franky shrugged. “One season in A ball doesn’t mean much.”
“What’s up?” Roscoe said to someone who had just walked up to the group.
“Nothing, what’s going on?” The new comer replied as he looked over at Franky.
“Not much. Franky here got in about half an hour ago and we’ve just been bullshitn’.” Roscoe replied giving the loose introduction.
“How you doin’?” Franky said to the new comer.
“Good. Shane Curtis.” Shane replied as he introduced himself and he and Franky had a brief conversation.
“So, are we doing something tonight?” Roscoe asked Shane after a bit. “Come tomorrow night we won’t have much free time.”
“That’s what I came over here for.” Shane replied. “Brett and Jay went to go talk with Rick and Wade to see what they wanted to do, so I came over to ask you guys.”
“I wouldn’t mind going out for a nice diner so we can skip the slop they served us in the mess hall yesterday.” Henry replied from behind his book.
“Sounds good to me. I just spent the last eight hours driving here and the only thing I ate was an Egg McMuffin at like seven.” Franky replied, his stomach feeling suddenly empty.
“I say we just go over to the beach and just cruise the strip till we find something that looks good. I can just stuff everyone in the bed of my truck.” Roscoe suggested.
“Sounds good to me. I’ll get the others and meet you outside.” Shane replied as he went to fetch the others and Henry made his way down out of his bunk.
“You’re going to fit a half dozen guys in your truck?” Franky asked skeptically as Roscoe stood up.
“I had a hot tub mounted to the back of that truck for about a year, six guys should be cake. Man, you’ve got a lot to learn about being a Red Neck.” He said as he clasp Franky on the shoulder as he and Henry led the way.
“I’ll go to the dentist tomorrow and have a few teeth pulled. That should help me fit right in.” Franky replied as he followed the group out of the door.

Author:  scott0530 [ Tue Oct 24, 2017 9:07 pm ]
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Chapter 4: The Legend of Jack Merluzzi
The team was about halfway through their first practice of camp when Matt split up the team. Pitchers and catchers would be heading over to field two so they could each start getting a felling for each other. The other group of position players were staying on field one to take batting and fielding practice.
As Matt made his way over to field two with Boomer and Bob, the other coaches stayed behind. Shawn Green split his fielders into groups and started walking towards the batting cage from the outfield grass, his first group of hitters in tow.
“How does your ass feel?” Franky said snidely, as he noticed Roscoe walking funny, keeping his voice down and lagging a bit behind so Shawn and Paul couldn’t hear him.
“Man, it feels like I sat on a nest full of angry hornets and they all took a turn stinging me.” Roscoe replied as he also tried keeping his voice down.
“That’s what you get for doing a cannonball off a pier and into the ocean at two in the morning the other night.” Shane replied as he was also hanging back and Franky tried hard to stifle a laugh.
“I’m just happy I didn’t break my back” Roscoe replied.
“Lucky you weren’t shark bait.” Franky replied with another smile and Roscoe looked back angrily as Franky piled on. “By the way, did you end up getting that girls number or what?”
Roscoe replied by simply turning away and giving Franky the finger.
After retrieving their bats and helmets from the bench, the group approached the batting cage from the first base line. They noticed two men standing on that side of the cage. As they got closer they could see one was wearing a pair of khakis and a team colored polo shirt with the logo in the corner. The other man was much older and was wearing a pair of dress slacks and a tucked in, button down shirt. The older man had white hair, a thick matching mustache and he was wearing glasses.
The group breezed by without much of a though and moved to the back of the cage where Shawn laid out instructions. “We’re going to let each batter have as many swings as we see fit. We’ll call you out once you’re done. Jay, you’re up first.”
Jay made his way into the cage and Mark walked out to the mound to begin pitching.
“That one is swung on and beaten into the ground.”
Franky, Roscoe, Shane and Brett all looked curiously over at the two men that they had passed, since it was one of them that had just made the odd comment about the groundball Jay had just hit. The one wearing the polo was shaking his head as the other appeared to be saying something to him. The only hint that something was up was that Paul had a smirk and was shaking his head.
The group returned to watching Jay as Shawn offered coaching on his swing. “There you go, nice rap.” Shawn said as Jay hit a line drive.
“Driven to the right center gap!”
The group looked back over at the two men, their expressions ranging from surprise to intrigue. “What’s up with that dude?” Shane asked, again keeping his voice down, as the man in the shirt had his arm around the man in the polo, who now looked a bit upset.
They turned away as they continued to watch Jay hit. He eventually hit one to deep right that went over the fence.
“That was a weak pitch and it got what it deserved!” Stunned to hear another outburst, the group looked back over at the two men.
“What in the hell?” Roscoe asked, sounding confused, to no one in particular as the two men were now walking away from the cage towards the first base bench.
“Shawn, what’s up with that guy?” Brett asked after a few moments, curious to see if Shawn had an answer.
Paul and Shawn looked at each other, laughed and had a brief conversation before Shawn called Jay back out of the cage. “The guy in the polo is Jack Merluzzi. He’s our TV play-by-play guy.”
“Alright, but that doesn’t explain why all that random stuff kept flying out of his mouth.” Shane observed.
“It’s a bit of… legend really.” Shawn replied thoughtfully. “Rumer has it Jack got really into calling baseball games at a young age. He even went as far as watching games on TV with no sound and doing his own commentary. He never did any pro games, but he’s done a ton of minor league games over the last thirty years or so.”
“He’s called so many games over that time that, right after the 2000 season, he developed… I guess you could call it a condition.” Paul said picking up on the story, and the small group now looked like a bunch of curious second graders. “Whenever he talks now, he talks like he’s calling a game… he can’t really have a normal conversation anymore.” Most of the group looked over in Jack’s direction, a look of amazement and curiosity at how this could happen to someone evident in their expressions.
“Get the f%*# outta’ here!” Franky replied, the lone skeptic.
“So, what, is it like turrets or something?” Jay asked curiously.
“No, that’s when you spontaneously curse.” Franky replied.
“I guess we know what your condition is then.” Shane replied with a smile getting a laugh from the others.
“f%*# you.”
“So who’s the old guy in the shirt that keeps talking to him?” Shane asked, ignoring Franky.
“Hans Werner. The team hired him as Jack’s therapist to help him start getting over his… I don’t even know if there is a medical term for what he has.” Shawn answered with a shrug.
Franky’s jaw opened slightly as he joined the others in silent contemplation of this unusual situation. As the group looked on they saw the GM walking down the fence line as he approached Jack and the doctor. He appeared to greet them as he walked closer.
“I’m Jack Merluzzi and I’ll be your commentator this evening!”
Owen looked taken aback as a frustrated looking Jack bulled past him, his therapist trailing behind calling his name.
“Freak.” Franky said roughly as he grabbed his helmet and bat and stepped into the batting cage.

Author:  scott0530 [ Wed Oct 25, 2017 8:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Charlotte Cannoneers

Connoneer's set to kick-off pre season
By: Sid Rosenberg, Charlotte Observer

With the new baseball season upon us, folks in Charlotte are getting all fired up in preparation for cheering on their new team. Though it may just be the start of preseason (The Cannoner's first game is in a couple days), folks are already making the trip from North Carolina to central Florida to check out their new team. But, if you're heading down to Florida for the start of the exhibition season, you've probably asked yourself this question: Who are these guys? No need to feel like you’re an extra straight out of central casing for "Major League." If you've been scratching your head browsing through media guides and the teams website and are still in search of answers, you've finally come to the right place. I've been fortunate enough to be covering the Cannoneers from their conception through the first couple weeks of training camp. Between watching the team work out in Florida and some helpful insight from manager Matt Treanor and his coaching staff, I've been able to put together an unofficial roster of sorts for you, the baseball fan, to get to know your team.

Position Players

Dan Johnson 1B (28/L-R/3/E7/B145/F5/D9/D8/B12): The Cannoneers' lone FA signing is also the oldest member of the team. He will provide pop in the middle of the lineup as well as excellent defense at first

Candy Moldanado 2B (22/S-R/1/D8/E92/E7/D8/D8/D8): Solid contact hitter that could blossom into one of the better defensive 2B in the league.

Roscoe Haverson 3B (21/S-R/3/E7/B145/E6/C10/D8/D8): Already considered a solid defender, The Cannoneers' are even more excited about his offensive potential.

Franky Rizzuto SS (19/R-R/C11/A190/B12/A14/B12/B12): He has the same last name as the legendary Yankees shortstop, but scouting reports compare him more to a young Alex Rodriguez

Wally Richard 2B (24/L-R/2/F5/E90/E7/E6/D8/D8): Will more than likely make the squad as a backup, but could start if Moldanado struggles at the plate this spring

Peter Sedlacek SS (24/S-R/1/F4/F70/E6/D8/D9/E6): Charlotte is thinking more defensively than offensively with their bench, Peter is a good fit.

Cody Bannon 1B (19/S-R/3/E7/C135/F4/E7/F5/E7): Charlotte wants Bannon to improve his fielding before he becomes the everyday 1B. He'll be a perennial all-star once he does. Till then, he'll be the teams DH.

Logan Dunwoody 1B (23/S-L/2/F4/C121/G3/E/6/F5/D8): May not have much room on the roster with Johnson and Bannon locked in.

Henry Mallette 1B (23/S-L/2/F4/C120/F4/F5/E6/F5): In the same situation as Dunwoody

Duke McGlinchey 3B (23/L-R/2/F5/D107/F4/D8/F5/D9): Charlotte taking a "Wait and see" approach.

Nick Dirosa C (22/R-R/1/D8/E90/E7/D9/C10/C10) and Sean McMillan C (22/S-R/1/E7/D102/E6/C10/D9/D8): The two young catchers are highly talented with virtually nothing separating them. Matt Treanor has already hinted at a catching platoon if neither of these young backstops separates themselves at the plate this spring.

George Hietpas C (21/S-R/2/G3/F67/F4/D9/D9/E6): Another talented catcher on Charlotte's roster. But with Dirosa and McMillan in camp, Hietpas is looking at starting the season in AAA.

Brett Gardner LF (21/L-L/1/F4/F35/B13/E6/C10/B12): The former Yankee farmhand has blazing speed and plays outstanding defense, though his arm is subpar.

Shane Curtis CF (19/R-R/2/D8/D105/B12/D9/C10/C10): If Curtis starts developing his power… look out.

Jay Bruce RF (21/L-L/3/D8/C130/D8/D9/E6/E7): Charlotte's front office was ecstatic to have gotten Bruce away from the Reds during the expansion draft.

Kyle Ormond CF (25/S-R/2/F5/E97/D8/D9/D8/D8): With speed and defense being Matt Treanor's preference off the bench, Ormond should be the 4th OF

Pat VanHekke CF (21/R-R/2/E7/E92/E6/D8/C10/D8): Charlotte would like to see their OF's have more speed. VanHekke will work on that in the minors.

Craig Nolan LF (22/S-L/2/E6/D109/F5/D8/E6/E6): A below average defender, but a reverse of team philosophy could turn him into a good hitter.

Pitching Staff

Henry Wiggen SP (19/L/97/C147/A203/DCB6/SLD5/CHG4/2SF2): The Ivy League kid tore up the Cape Cod League last summer and is favorite to be the team's #1

Oscar Solar SP (22/R/95/C137/A172/SPL4/CB4/2SF2): Oscar dominated for Cuba in the WBC in 2006 before defecting this past summer.

Rick Porcello SP (20/R/94/D124/B130/SNK4/CHG2/SLD2): Another player that Charlotte was shocked was available in the expansion draft. A possible #1 someday, he should pencil in as the #3.

Collin MacRae SP (21/L/96/E117/B116/FRK4/CB4/SLD3): A great fastball to go along with a variety of breaking pitches. Should dominate other teams #4's

Randy Michalak SP (24/L/90/E118/B110/FRK3/SLD3/CB/2): The lefty will need to command his breaking stuff since he won't overpower anyone.

Kenji Wei SW (25/R/92/E116/C94/KN3/FRK3/CB2): Odd to see a knuckleballer coming out of the pen. Wei will also serve as a spot starter if needed

Boris Trzesniak RP (22/L/91/E111/C91/CB3/FRK3): The Russian import can be a bit erratic. He'll have to prove himself out of the pen.

Devon Reid RP (23/L/93/D127/C90/FRK3/CB2/KN1): A good fastball/forkball combo should make Reid effective in relief

Greg Camilo RP (19/R/95/E113/C88/CB3/SLD1): The youngster has a plus fastball, but needs to develop better secondary pitches

Andy Ashby RP (20/R/95/F100/C91/CB3/2SF1/CUT1): He will need to control that plus fastball.

Derek Colangelo RP (19/R/93/E118/C85/SNK3/CB3/SLD2): A good fastball and combination of breaking balls makes him a threat out of the pen.

Wade Davis CL (22/R/93/E118/C85/SNK3/CB3/SLD2): Another steal out of the expansion draft. Davis will pencil in as the club's closer.

Fred Myers P (20/R/94/G96/C92/CB2/SLD1): Minor league project

Josh Bailey P (21/R/90/E111/C106/CB2/SLD1): Minor league project

Zane Boughnight P (20/L/93/E113/C89/CB3/SLD1): Minor league project

Dusty Zielgler P (19/L/93/E115/C99/SLV1/CUT1): Minor league project

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