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#AcePride - Las Vegas Aces Season Log
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Author:  AgentP [ Mon May 14, 2018 11:35 pm ]
Post subject:  #AcePride - Las Vegas Aces Season Log

A new professional baseball league has formed.

Known as the International Baseball League (IBL), the league seeks to bring high-level competition to other successful leagues such as Major League Baseball (MLB), Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), and KBO League.

The league will be structured similarly to the MLB, with 30 teams across two conferences and six total divisions.

A handful of major-league players took the once-in-a-lifetime chance granted by MLB to opt out of their current contracts and star in the new league. Over 100 current major-league players opted to jump ship, forming three complete teams of MLB talent as well as a handful of players who signed with other teams.

Two of the most storied MLB franchises will also move into the IBL, as the New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs seek to prove that they can win in the new league.

The IBL will pride itself on being the first league to include teams in the United States, Canada, and Japan. Five teams hail from Canada, forming the IBL’s A-II division. Two teams hail from Japan, and are both part of the A-I division. The league also includes teams from Hawaii and Alaska in addition to other continental states across the U.S.

Here are the five teams to watch for in the coming season:

New York Yankees (A-I)
Led by ace pitchers Justin Verlander (15-8, 3.36) and Zack Greinke (17-7, 3.20), the Yankees will pride themselves on the strength of their pitching and defence. However, the team does have several talented hitters such as ageless third baseman Adrian Beltre (.319, 17 HR, 71 RBI).

Chicago Cubs (B-II)
Led by star first baseman Joey Votto (.320, 36 HR, 100 RBI), the Cubs are backed by a strong bullpen and a rotation with plenty of depth but no established ace. Left-hander Andrew Miller (4-3, 1.44, 2 SV) will anchor the bullpen, while veteran catcher Yadier Molina (.273, 18 HR, 82 RBI) hopes to follow up a season that saw his highest home-run total in five years.

Las Vegas Stars (A-III)
The Stars have likely the greatest collection of talent in this league. With the 1-2 combo of Clayton Kershaw (18-4, 2.31) and Max Scherzer (16-6, 2.51) and perennial MVP candidate Mike Trout (.306, 33 HR, 22 SB) patrolling center field, it will be a miracle if any team can block the Stars’ path to a championship.

Las Vegas Aces (B-III)
The Aces will hope they can be the team that challenges their fellow Nevadans for a championship this season. Led by mostly unproven young talent, the Aces also have a handful of players with MLB experience, such as RHP Brandon McCarthy (6-4, 3.98).

New England Kings (B-I)
The Kings are a team specialising in the late game, built for walk-off heroics and with a dynamite bullpen. Sinkerballer Garrett Holmes will anchor the rotation, while flamethrower Nick Martin will look to shut things down as the team’s closer.

Author:  AgentP [ Tue May 15, 2018 12:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: #AcePride - Las Vegas Aces Season Log

Today’s coverage will focus on the Las Vegas Aces, who will be in the B-III division.

The Aces are led by their balanced offense, which is driven by center fielder Nick O’Reilly, 19, and shortstop Luke French, 22. The team is very young and has only two players over the age of 24. With this in mind there is a lot of room to develop for this team, and they are already in a position to contend for a championship in their first season.

Here is the full Aces roster with scouting reports:



Reese Anderson (RHP, 20 y/o, #4): Anderson is an athletic, but raw young arm. He excels with his fastball variety, allowing it to cut and sink naturally, but he rarely throws above the mid 80s, and his changeup is his only other pitch. He is also an excellent athlete and fielder.
Tommy Campbell (RHP, 21 y/o, #52): Campbell is a groundball specialist with a heavy sinker. His stamina is the best on the team, but he is working on improving his velocity and hopes to add a third pitch in the offseason.
Mathew Clay (RHP, 23 y/o, #26): Clay is a groundball pitcher who relies heavily on his power sinker. He also has a good fastball with life that will sit around 88-90. His control is very good as well. His biggest weakness is his inconsistent focus, as he often slacks off against weaker batters.
Cody Fredericks (RHP/2B, 33 y/o, #57): Fredericks is a soft-tossing veteran who throws an excellent curveball variety. He can also play second base and is an above-average defender.
Luiz Gohara (LHP, 22 y/o, #53): Gohara is an electric young talent. His fastball has been clocked up to 100mph, while he also offers a promising slider and is working on a changeup.
Tanner Hill (RHP, 19 y/o, #15): Hill is a power pitcher who relies on his four-seam, two-seam, and cut fastball variety. His control is his biggest weakness, but the young hurler is working hard to improve. Hill also has an infectious personality and is popular among teammates for his chill, laid-back demeanor.
Brandon McCarthy (RHP, 24 y/o, #20): McCarthy is a control specialist and power pitcher. Primarily relying on his fastball, which he can cut and sink in the low 90s, McCarthy also works in a solid curveball, and does not give up many home runs. His ability to stay healthy will be important to the team’s success.
Sam Simmons (RHP, 20 y/o, #46): Simmons is also a groundball pitcher. His best pitch is a sweeping slider that he will throw early and often. Simmons also features a four-seam fastball, slow curveball, and a changeup, all of which are solid offerings. Simmons also excels at the plate, with advanced on-base skills.
Simon Young (RHP, 19 y/o, #7): Young is a balanced, all-around pitcher who always plays his hardest. He mixes a fastball that sits around 87-89 with a below-average breaking ball and changeup. He hopes to improve his velocity and spin rate to make his fastball play up more.


Carson Fulmer (RHP, 22 y/o, #51): Fulmer is a righty with great stuff. His fastball sits around 90-92 and gets excellent natural movement. Fulmer also mixes in a plus curve and solid changeup.
Chase Glass (RHP, 20 y/o, #28): Glass possesses plus control, stamina, and an excellent knuckleball. His fastball though only sits around the high 70s. Glass also features a plus curve and solid splitter.
Jayson McDougal (LHP, 19 y/o, #13): McDougal is a flamethrower whose fastball regularly hits triple digits and possesses excellent late life. He is working to improve his control, which currently rates as below average.
Ryan Phillips (LHP, 19 y/o, #49): Phillips is a sinkerballer with plus control. He excels against left-handers and is also a solid hitter. Throwing from a low sidearm angle, Phillips also mixes in a slider and curveball.
Peter Smith (RHP, 20 y/o, #14): Smith is a pitcher with decent stuff but not much else in the way of talent. His sinker and curveball could prove to be assets but he likely needs to improve on his poor velocity and control before getting much run at the major-league level.
Zander Villareal (LHP, 19 y/o, #9): Villareal is a lights-out lefty who shows no emotion on the mound and is often quiet off it. His slider possesses great depth and bite, and he also features a plus curveball, changeup, and fastball, with velocity in the low to mid 90s. His biggest weakness is the long ball.



Dan Crawford (R/R, 19 y/o, #12): Crawford is a balanced player with ability to play catcher, first base, and third base. His biggest strength is his contact hitting, while he does not have any significant weaknesses.
Darren Escobar (R/R, 22 y/o, #58): Escobar is a defensive specialist who has one of the strongest throwing arms on the team. However, his offensive abilities are nothing to write home about.
Filet Mignon (R/R, 19 y/o, #9): Mignon is a pure slugger with a rare power-speed combo. He is feared by opposing pitchers and is solid behind the plate as well. However, his bat control is a major weakness.


Josh Adams (R/R, 20 y/o, #9): Adams is a well-rounded third baseman. Nothing about his game really stands out as a major strength or liability.
Brett Bell (R/R, 19 y/o, #4): Bell is a speedy, energetic middle infielder. He always plays hard and often serves as an example for his teammates.
Luke French (R/R, 22 y/o, #11): French is a highly regarded young shortstop. His contact hitting is among the best on the team, while he also excels with the glove at one of the hardest positions to master. French is never complacent and is working hard to improve his speed and quickness.
Nate Gray (R/R, 20 y/o, #1): Gray, the adopted brother of outfielder Jack Gray, is a quick second baseman with a friendly smile. He has solid potential but needs to develop many aspects of his game before he can play everyday.
Pete Grossman (S/L, 19 y/o, #62): Grossman is a first baseman and an excellent pure hitter. He can hit for both contact and power. However, his recurring knee troubles often limit his ability to run the bases or play the field at a high level, and while he will try to fight through the pain, he will often need to be replaced in the late innings.
Shane Stephens (S/R, 19 y/o, #24): Stephens is a speedy third baseman who can also play some outfield. He excels against left-handed pitching and is very friendly and nice.


Tazuyama Aoi (L/L, 32 y/o, #95): Aoi is a tough veteran, a utility outfielder whose speed and defensive abilities make him a popular player in the late innings. He excels at doing the little things but is working hard on his hitting.
Tim Cormier (R/R, 19 y/o, #16): Cormier is a solid all-around left fielder. His defense is his biggest strength, while his power is his biggest weakness.
Tucker Davis (R/R, 19 y/o, #9): Davis is a right fielder with 80-grade contact ability and a plus throwing arm. He would like to improve his all-around game to become a more reliable player.
Shane Gomes (S/L, 20 y/o, #36): Gomes is an excellent offensive player with excellent bat control. He is known for his clutch hitting and is often called upon in a pinch. His biggest weakness is his defense, which limits him to corner outfield primarily.
Jack Gray (L/L, 20 y/o, #7): Gray is a speedy utility outfielder who always plays hard. He is able to play all three outfield positions, but is working on many areas of his game to earn more playing time.
Nick O’Reilly (L/R, 19 y/o, #2): O’Reilly is a superstar center fielder. He possesses 80-grade speed and arm strength, and is a true five-tool player. He is said to be working on his contact hitting to become even better at the plate.

Author:  ZeroGibson13 [ Tue May 15, 2018 2:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: #AcePride - Las Vegas Aces Season Log

How did the Stars get the best 2 pitchers and best position player in baseball?

Author:  AgentP [ Tue May 15, 2018 8:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: #AcePride - Las Vegas Aces Season Log

ZeroGibson13 wrote:
How did the Stars get the best 2 pitchers and best position player in baseball?

competitive balance is a myth

also the stars are made up of MLB success players and I have Jag's Kershaw, Scherzer, and Trout sooooo

Yankees and Cubs are all edited in as are the MLB guys on the Aces

Author:  AgentP [ Wed May 16, 2018 2:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: #AcePride - Las Vegas Aces Season Log

Log Settings

I will play most games manually. Not all games will be reported on in depth, though.

Starting settings are: CPU at All-Star everything. I have manual fielding on and lock-on 3 enabled. These will be reviewed periodically, typically after each series, to ensure that I am not overpowering the AI or vice versa.

The draft is enabled. I will have the option to add one (1) Success player at draft time each year, as well as one (1) Success player in free agency. I may also choose regular draft selections. However, I cannot sign any other free agents or trade for any other players.

Trades are allowed but only to sell players for points.

All of my OCs (original characters) must be kept on the active roster or disabled list at all times. The following 15 players are denoted as OCs:

- Tanner Hill, rhp
- Simon Young, rhp
- Reese Anderson, rhp
- Peter Smith, rhp
- Jayson McDougal, lhp
- Dan Crawford, c/inf
- Pete Grossman, inf
- Nate Gray, inf
- Brett Bell, inf
- Josh Adams, inf
- Shane Stephens, inf/of
- Tim Cormier, of
- Jack Gray, of
- Tucker Davis, of
- Shane Gomes, of

Author:  AgentP [ Sat May 19, 2018 10:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: #AcePride - Las Vegas Aces Season Log

Today the Aces have announced their Opening Day roster. The following 25 players will travel with the major-league team to their opening series against the Alburquerque Panthers:

[Note: All pitchers except McCarthy, Fulmer, and Gohara have VS LH Batter 4; all pitchers have Recovery 4]


4 Reese Anderson, rhp (91EC, cut 1, chg 3, sifb 1, w/RISP 4, Fastball Life 4, GD Low Pitch, GD Reflexes, Durability 4, Consistency 2, Gold Glover — B run spd, A fld)
7 Simon Young, rhp (93CB, slv 2, chg 2, Fastball Life 4, Fat Pitch, GD Reflexes, Battler, Durability 4, GD Bunt, GD Pace — C run spd)
9 Zander Villareal, lhp (98DC, cb 4, chg 4, orig* 7, Fastball Life 4, Fat Pitch, Poker Face, Durability 4)
13 Jayson McDougal, lhp (105FD, cb 2, chg 2, Poise 4, Fastball Life 4, Release 4, GD Reflexes)
14 Peter Smith, rhp/cf (81GE, 2sfb 2, cb 3, chg 1)
15 Tanner Hill, rhp (96EB, 2sfb 1, cut 3, dcb 2, chg 1, Poise 4, Walk)
20 Brandon McCarthy, rhp (96BB, cut 1, cb 3, sifb 2, Safe Pitch, Durability 2, Power P)
26 Mathew Clay, rhp (94BB, sld 1, chg 3, orig** 7, w/RISP 4, Fastball Life 4, Groundball P, GD Pickoff, Sandbag)
28 Chase Glass, rhp (84BA, dcb 4, splt 3, orig*** 7, Fastball Life 4)
46 Sam Simmons, rhp (94CB, sld 4, scb 3, cchg 3, Groundball P, GD Reflexes, Tough Out, GD Pace — 2EEGDDD)
49 Ryan Phillips, lhp (91CE, 2sfb 1, sld 1, cb 1, v-sld 3, orig**** 5, Fastball Life 4, Spin 4, GD Low Pitch, Groundball P, GD Pickoff, GD Reflexes, Hot Head — 2EFFDFE)
51 Carson Fulmer, rhp (96FC, cut 5, dcb 4, chg 3, sifb 2)

* Villareal’s ORIG is a V-SLD with more edge called the “Tumblr”.
** Clay’s ORIG is a SNK with more edge called the “DART”.
*** Glass’s ORIG is a KN with more edge called the “KN+”.
**** Phillips’s ORIG is a SIFB with more edge called the “STINKY”.


9 Filet Mignon, c (3GBCCEC, Power Hitter, Firstball Hitter, Bases Clearer, GD Pinch Hitter, Intimidator, Consistency 4, Aggressive RUN, Aggressive FLD)
19 Dan Crawford, c/1b/3b (2CEDCDD, Contact Hitter, Hot Hitter, Firstball Hitter, Durability 4)


1 Nate Gray, 2b (2FECFED, Clutch Hit 4, Hot Hitter, Firstball Hitter, Aggressive RUN, GD Morale)
4 Brett Bell, 2b/ss (2DDBDCD, Durability 4, Aggressive RUN, Aggressive FLD, Sparkplug, GD Small Ball)
9 Josh Adams, 3b (2CDDCCE)
11 Luke French, ss (3BBCCBB, VS Lefty 4, Contact Hitter, Push Hitter, Hot Hitter, Tough Out, Bunt Master, Firstball Hitter)
24 Shane Stephens, 3b/lf/cf (2EEBEDE, VS Lefty 4, GD Bunt, Firstball Hitter, Rally Hitter, Durability 4, Base Running 4, Aggressive STL, GD Morale)
62 Pete Grossman, 1b (3ABGFFF, Clutch Hit 4, Contact Hitter, Power Hitter, Firstball Hitter, Consistency 4)


2 Nick O’Reilly, cf (3CBAABA, Contact Hitter, Power Hitter, Hot Hitter, Firstball Hitter, Table Setter, Rally Hitter, Durability 4, Cannon Arm, Aggressive STL, Aggressive RUN)
7 Jack Gray, cf/lf/rf (1DFBFDE, Firstball Hitter, HD 1st Slide, Aggressive STL, Aggressive RUN)
9 Tucker Davis, rf (2AEEBDE, Contact Hitter, GD Bunt, Firstball Hitter, Durability 4, Cannon Arm)
16 Tim Cormier, lf (2DEDCCD)
36 Shane Gomes, rf/lf (3ADEEFF, Clutch Hit 5, Push Hitter, Hot Hitter, Firstball Hitter, GD Pinch Hitter, Tough Runner

The following players will report to AAA:


52 Tommy Campbell, rhp (93CA, 2sfb 3, w/RISP 4, Fastball Life 4, Groundball P, Choke Artist)
53 Luiz Gohara, lhp (100CB, sld 3, chg 1)
57 Cody Fredericks, rhp/2b (82DB, cb 4, orig***** 5, Fastball Life 4, GD Low Pitch, GD Reflexes — 2FFEDCD)

***** Fredericks’s ORIG is a DCB with more change called the “Edgeworth”.


58 Darren Escobar, c (2EEEBCC, Hot Hitter, Tough Out, Consistency 4)



95 Tazuyama Aoi, lf/rf/cf (1EFCCDD, Tough Out, Bunt Master, Firstball Hitter, Table Setter, Barehand Catch, HD 1st Slide, Tough Runner)

Author:  ZeroGibson13 [ Sun May 20, 2018 12:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: #AcePride - Las Vegas Aces Season Log


@Pitchers wearing single digit numbers

Author:  AgentP [ Sun May 20, 2018 1:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: #AcePride - Las Vegas Aces Season Log

ZeroGibson13 wrote:

@Pitchers wearing single digit numbers

also ew at the fact that I have four players wearing number 9

(edit: also two wearing number 7)

they're like......literally high schoolers

Author:  AgentP [ Sun May 20, 2018 8:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: #AcePride - Las Vegas Aces Season Log

For our first series, we will travel to Albuquerque to take on the Panthers. They are in our division, and their home games are actually placed at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.

Pitching matchups are as follows:

(4/2) RHP Mathew Clay vs. RHP Deago (87CC, 2sfb 1, cut 3, sld 2, cb 1, fork 3)
(4/3) RHP Sam Simmons vs. RHP Pachot (86DC, cut 2, sld 3, cb 3, fork 2, Poker Face)

Players to watch for the Panthers:

RHP Brunet (93DB, sld 2, cut 3, cb 2, palm 2, Poker Face)
C McGlinchy (2DFECED, Trash Talk)
1B Osborne (3FCGFGE, Sparkplug)

Faced with the prospect of a short trip to the desert, the Aces made a team decision to travel a day early and spend some time in Phoenix ahead of their first games as a team.

The team split up into four groups. One group, led by first baseman Pete Grossman, split off to go hike Camelback Mountain. One group, led by Zander Villareal, went to the Phoenix Zoo. Another group, led by Jayson McDougal, went downtown to hang out. Finally, the rest of the team decided to take it easy at the team hotel.

Pete led the group over to one of the two marked trails along the mountain. “Come on guys, we don’t have all day,” he encouraged the rest of his group. It reminded him of his summer spent as a tour guide at Vanderbilt University, where he had played baseball before being signed by the Aces.

It felt a little weird without Peter by his side. Even though they had spent the last two years apart, Peter would always be like a little brother to Pete. They had lived together for most of their adolescence, after all.

Pete tried to shake it off and get going up the rocks. Brandon McCarthy followed closely behind him, and Jack Gray was just taking his first steps onto the mountain. A few others, including Tazuyama Aoi, were hanging out and talking at the base of the mountain, waiting for their turns to climb.

An hour and a half later, the seven players had reached the peak.

“Now we have to climb down!” McCarthy commented while taking a big gulp of water.

“*(censored)*,” said Jack.

Author:  AgentP [ Mon May 21, 2018 8:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: #AcePride - Las Vegas Aces Season Log


SEASON 1 — April 2

Las Vegas Aces at Albuquerque Panthers

RHP Mathew Clay vs. RHP Deago

The Aces got their inaugural season off to a hot start with an Opening Day win on the road, winning by the score of 8-5.

Right-hander Mathew Clay got the ball and delivered a quality start, needing just 60 pitches to work through 6 innings, allowing 3 runs on 9 hits, with no walks and 3 strikeouts. While Clay’s power sinker is thought of as his best pitch, he only threw the pitch 7 times tonight, while batters were 1 for 2 and had one whiff against the pitch.

At the plate, catcher Filet Mignon went a perfect 5 for 5. First baseman Pete Grossman hit the team’s first home run in the second inning, a 403-foot shot to right-center that plated three runs. Right fielder Tucker Davis led off and with the first at-bat in Aces history, hit a line drive that deflected off of the third baseman for a single.

Panthers starter Deago struggled, conceding seven runs on 13 hits in 3.2 innings, with no walks and no strikeouts. First baseman Osborne was 4 for 5 with two doubles and an RBI, and center fielder Meyers was 2 for 4, driving in two runs in a losing effort.



Box Score:

Davis rf 3-5, rbi, r
O’Reilly cf 1-5, 3b, rbi, 2 r, so
French ss 3-5, rbi, r
Grossman 1b 2-5, hr, 4 rbi, r
Mignon c 5-5, 2b, r
Adams 3b 1-5, rbi
Bell 2b 2-5, r
Cormier lf 2-5, r
Clay p 0-2, sac
— Gomes ph 1–1
— J.Gray pr cs

Clay (W) 6 ip, 9 h, 3 r (3 er), 0 bb, 3 k, 60 pitches
Anderson (-) 1.2 ip, 5 h, 2 r (2 er), 0 bb, 0 k, 18 pitches
Glass (S) 1.1 ip, 1 h, 0 r, 0 bb, 0 k, 11 pitches

Fantasy Perspective

OF Tucker Davis got off to a hot start, going 3 for 5 with one RBI and one run scored. It’s unclear if he will be the everyday leadoff hitter for the Aces, but he does possess excellent bat-to-ball skills. Davis is unlikely to produce much in the way of power or speed, though.

OF Nick O’Reilly produced well today, with one hit, one RBI, and two runs scored. Hopefully the five-tool superstar will continue to live up to expectations.

1B Pete Grossman on the other hand showed the power that made him an easy choice for the cleanup spot. Grossman hit a 403-foot home run in addition to an RBI single later in the ballgame. He will be a key run producer for the Aces and could contribute in every category outside of stolen bases.

RP Chase Glass showed excellent form in locking down his first save. Asked to get four outs, Glass delivered, mixing in all four of his pitches. He threw his signature knuckleball three times, recording two outs in play and one swinging strike on the pitch.

[SIDE NOTE: y'all can pick players, kinda like agents but I'll also keep a fantasy points leaderboard. I'll limit it to 1 pitcher and 1 hitter each for now.]

Author:  Baseballteen9500 [ Wed May 23, 2018 12:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: #AcePride - Las Vegas Aces Season Log

I'll take Grossman and Young

Author:  Queso James [ Wed May 23, 2018 3:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: #AcePride - Las Vegas Aces Season Log

Pete "G Speed" Grossman

Author:  AgentP [ Wed May 23, 2018 6:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: #AcePride - Las Vegas Aces Season Log

Queso James wrote:
Pete "G Speed" Grossman

...that's him!

he's already claimed tho

Author:  AgentP [ Thu May 24, 2018 6:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: #AcePride - Las Vegas Aces Season Log

SEASON 1 — April 3

Las Vegas Aces (1-0) at Albuquerque Panthers (0-1); Chase Field

RHP Sam Simmons vs. RHP Pachot

The Aces continued their undefeated streak today at Chase Field, defeating the Albuquerque Panthers in an 11-6 affair that was made close only by two late rallies.

Right-hander Sam Simmons made the start today, and contributed on both sides of the ball. On the mound, he pitched seven shutout innings before faltering in the eighth, conceding three runs before being replaced by Peter Smith. Simmons also added three hits in five at-bats, driving in one run and scoring another.

In the late innings, many of the Aces’ starters were replaced for rest purposes. Brett Bell also left in the ninth inning with a minor injury and is listed as day-to-day. Josh Adams, a third baseman by trade, took over at shortstop for the final frame.

For the Panthers, starter Pachot only lasted three innings, allowing seven runs on 13 hits. First baseman Osborne was 2 for 5 with two RBI and two runs scored. Three Panthers players also recorded three hits apiece in the losing effort.

Play of the Game:

Left fielder Tim Cormier made this diving catch to end the sixth inning and rob a Panthers player of extra bases:



Box Score:

Davis rf 4-6, rbi, r
O’Reilly cf 3-4, rbi, r
— J.Gray ph-cf 1-2
French ss 2-4, 2 r
— N.Gray ph-2b 1-2, 2b, r
Grossman 1b 2-5, 2 2b, 2 rbi, r
— Stephens pr-3b
Mignon c 3-3, 3b, 2 rbi, 2 r, sb, sf
— Gomes ph-1b 1-1
Bell 2b-ss 1-5, rbi, r
— Adams ss
Crawford 3b-c 2-4, 3 rbi
Simmons p 3-5, rbi, r
Cormier lf 1-4, r, sac

Simmons (W) 7.2 ip, 9 h, 3 r (3 er), 0 bb, 1 k, 68 pitches
Smith (-) 1 ip, 6 h, 3 r (3 er), 0 bb, 0 k, 20 pitches
McDougal (-) 0.1 ip, 0 h, 0 r, 0 bb, 0 k, 1 pitch

Fantasy Perspective

OF Tucker Davis continued his hot start with a four-hit game. Davis also had one RBI and one run scored in the win, and continued as the leadoff hitter.

OF Nick O’Reilly continued to produce with three hits, one RBI, and one run before being replaced by Jack Gray for rest.

1B Pete Grossman had two extra-base hits and drove in a pair of runs today.

SP Sam Simmons pitched well today, recording a quality start and working efficiently through seven-plus innings. However, he only had one strikeout in the game.

Author:  ZeroGibson13 [ Thu May 24, 2018 7:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: #AcePride - Las Vegas Aces Season Log

Can I have Fredericks and Gohara and demand that they receive a callup soon?

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