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 Post subject: Young Trade Targets
PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:59 am 
Power Pro Legend
Power Pro Legend
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Joined: Sun Aug 07, 2011 4:12 am
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Location: ニュージャージー州
Favorite Team: Phillies
Console '07: Don't Own
Console '08: Nintendo Wii
Favorite Japanese title: (Vita) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2012
This is sort of an extension to this: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=8109
I think my range would be around 22-28 years old.

BOS 2B Pedroia, 25
BOS OF Ellsbury, 25
BOS SP Lester, 24
BOS SP C.Buchholz, 24
BOS CL Papelbon, 28
BOS RP Hansen, 25

NYY 2B Cano, 26
NYY 3B G.Gordon/Wilson Betemit, 28
NYY OF M.Cabrera, 24
NYY SP Wang, 28
NYY SP I.Kennedy, 24
NYY SP P.Hughes, 22
NYY RP Chamberlain, 23
NYY SP Karstens, 26

TOR 2B A.Hill, 26
TOR OF Rios, 27
TOR SP McGowan, 26
TOR SP Litsch, 26
TOR SP Marcum, 27
TOR RP Carlson, 28
TOR RP Wolfe, 28
TOR RP Accardo, 28
TOR OF/1B Lind, 25
TOR RP Janssen, 27
TOR RP League, 25
TOR SP G.Guillen/Gustavo Chacin, 27

BAL OF A.Jones, 23
BAL OF Markakis, 25
BAL SP D.Cabrera, 27
BAL SP Loewen, 24
BAL SP Patton, 23
BAL 3B S.Moore, 25
BAL RP J.Johnson, 25
BAL RP F.Cabrera, 27
BAL RP Ray, 26

TB IF/OF Zobrist, 27
TB 3B Longoria, 23
TB OF C.Crawford, 27
TB OF J.Gomes, 28
TB OF B.J. Upton, 24
TB OF Baldelli, 27
TB SP E.Jackson, 25
TB SP Kazmir, 24
TB SP J.Shields, 27
TB SP Garza, 25
TB 3B W.Aybar, 25

CLE 1B Garko, 27
CLE SS J.Peralta 26
CLE SS A.Cabrera, 23
CLE OF F.Gutierrez, 25
CLE OF G.Sizemore, 26
CLE SP Sabathia, 28
CLE SP Carmona/Roberto Hernandez, 25
CLE RP J.Lewis, 24
CLE RP R.Perez, 26
CLE 2B G.Santana/Josh Barfield, 26
CLE OF Choo, 26
CLE RP G.Sanchez/Edward Mujica, 24

DET 3B M.Cabrera, 25
DET OF/2B Raburn, 27
DET OF Granderson, 27
DET SP Bonderman, 26
DET SP Willis, 26
DET SP Verlander, 25
DET OF C.Thomas, 25
DET SP Tata, 27
DET RP G.Roberts/Eddie Bonine (?), 27
DET RP Zumaya, 24

MIN C Mauer, 25
MIN 1B Morneau, 27
MIN 2B B.Harris, 28
MIN OF D.Young, 23
MIN OF Kubel, 26
MIN OF C.Gomez, 23
MIN SP Bonser, 27
MIN SP S.Baker, 27
MIN SP Blackburn, 26
MIN SP Slowey, 24
MIN RP Crain, 27
MIN RP Neshek, 28
MIN 2B G.Byrd/Alexi Casilla, 24
MIN OF Span, 24
MIN SP Liriano, 25

CHW SS A.Ramirez, 27
CHW OF Quentin, 26
CHW OF/1B Swisher, 28
CHW OF B.Anderson, 26
CHW SP Floyd, 25
CHW SP J.Danks, 23
CHW RP Logan, 24
CHW RP Jenks, 27
CHW 3B G.Hart/Josh Fields, 26
CHW OF G.Floyd/Jerry Owens, 27
CHW RP Masset, 26
CHW RP G.Snyder/Adam Russell (?), 25
CHW RP G.Lee/Charlie Haeger, 25 (for the knuckler)
CHW RP G.Bautista/Clayton Richard (?), 25

KC C J.Buck, 28
KC SS T.Pena Jr., 27
KC 3B Callaspo, 25
KC 3B/OF Teahen, 27
KC OF Gordon, 24
KC OF Gathright, 27
KC 1B Butler, 22
KC SP Greinke, 25
KC SP Bannister, 27
KC SP Hochevar, 25
KC RP R.Ramirez, 27
KC RP Gobble, 27
KC RP L.Nunez/Juan Oviedo, 25
KC RP J.Soria, 24
KC SS A.Sanchez, 25
KC SP G.Jimenez/Kyle Davies, 25

LAA C Napoli, 27
LAA 1B Kotchman, 25
LAA 2B H.Kendrick, 25
LAA SS M.Izturis, 28
LAA SS E.Aybar, 24
LAA OF Willits, 27
LAA SP J.Saunders, 27
LAA SP J.Weaver, 26
LAA SP E.Santana, 26
LAA RP F.Rodriguez, 26
LAA 1B K.Morales, 25
LAA SS S.Rodriguez, 25
LAA SP Moseley, 27

SEA C G.Baker/Jeff Clement, 25
SEA 2B J.Lopez, 25
SEA SS Y.Betancourt, 26
SEA IF/OF Morse, 26
SEA SP F.Hernandez, 22
SEA SP G.Cruz/Cha Seung Baek, 28
SEA RP M.Lowe, 25
SEA SP Morrow, 24
SEA OF G.Martinez/Jeremy Reed, 27
SEA RP O'Flaherty, 23

OAK C K.Suzuki, 25
OAK 1B Barton, 23
OAK IF D.Murphy, 25
OAK SS Crosby, 28
OAK OF Denorfia, 28
OAK OF R.Sweeney, 23
OAK OF T.Buck, 25
OAK SP Harden, 27
OAK SP Gaudin, 25
OAK SP Blanton, 28
OAK RP Devine, 25
OAK RP S.Casilla, 28
OAK RP Street, 25
OAK OF Fiorentino, 25
OAK RP A.Brown, 27
OAK SP Braden, 25

TEX C Saltalamacchia, 23
TEX 2B Kinsler, 26
TEX 3B Blalock, 28
TEX OF D.Murphy, 27
TEX OF Hamilton, 27
TEX RP Rupe, 26
TEX SP C.J. Wilson, 28
TEX RP Nippert, 27
TEX SP McCarthy, 25
PHI OF Victorino, 28
PHI SP B.Myers, 28
PHI SP Hamels, 25
PHI SP K.Kendrick, 24
PHI RP Mathieson, 24
PHI RP Madson, 28
PHI OF Snelling, 27
PHI RP F.Rosario, 28
PHI RP Zagurski, 25

NYM 3B D.Wright, 26
NYM SS J.Reyes, 25
NYM OF Pagan, 27
NYM SP O.Perez, 27
NYM SP J.Maine, 27
NYM SP Pelfrey, 24
NYM SP Vargas, 25
NYM RP J.Smith, 24
NYM RP Burgos, 24

ATL C B.Pena, 26
ATL C McCann, 24
ATL 1B Teixeira, 28
ATL 2B Infante, 27
ATL 2B K.Johnson, 26
ATL 3B Gotay, 26
ATL SS Y.Escobar, 26
ATL OF Francoeur, 24
ATL SP Jurrjens, 22
ATL SP J.Reyes, 24

WAS 3B Zimmerman, 24
WAS SS F.Lopez, 28
WAS OF W.Pena, 26
WAS OF Milledge, 23
WAS OF Dukes, 24
WAS OF Kearns, 28
WAS SP S.Hill, 27
WAS SP Chico, 25
WAS RP Hanrahan, 27
WAS RP C.Cordero, 26
WAS C J.Flores, 24
WAS SP O'Connor, 28
WAS SP Bergmann, 27
WAS SP Lannan, 24

MIA 1B Jacobs, 28
MIA 3B/2B Cantu, 26
MIA 2B Andino, 24
MIA 2B Uggla, 28
MIA SS H.Ramirez, 25
MIA OF Hermida, 24
MIA OF C.Ross, 28
MIA SP Olsen, 24
MIA SP Nolasco, 26
MIA SP A.Miller, 23
MIA SP Vanden Hurk, 23
MIA RP Pinto, 26
MIA RP Lindstrom, 28
MIA RP Tankersley, 25
MIA OF B.Carroll, 26
MIA SP Mitre, 27
MIA SP A.Sanchez, 24
MIA SP J.Johnson, 24
MIA RP Waetcher, 27

CHC C Soto, 25
CHC 2B/SS Cedeno, 25
CHC OF Pie, 23
CHC SP Zambrano, 27
CHC RP Marmol, 26
CHC RP S.Marshall, 26
CHC OF Murton, 27
CHC OF/2B E.Patterson, 25
CHC SP R.Hill, 28
CHC SP K.Hart, 26
CHC RP G.Duncan/Neal Cotts, 28

MIL 1B Fielder, 24
MIL 2B R.Weeks, 26
MIL SS Hardy, 26
MIL OF Braun, 25
MIL OF Gwynn Jr., 26
MIL OF/1B C.Hart, 26
MIL SP Gallardo, 22
MIL SP C.Villanueva, 25
MIL RP M.Parra, 26
MIL SP G.Shields/Zach Jackson, 25

STL C Y.Molina, 26
STL OF/2B Schumaker, 28
STL SS C.Izturis, 28
STL OF C.Duncan, 27
STL OF B.Barton, 26
STL SP Wainwright, 27
STL RP McClellan, 24
STL SP A.Reyes, 27

HOU C Towles, 24
HOU OF Bourn, 26
HOU OF Pence, 25
HOU SP F.Paulino, 25
HOU OF G.Burke/Yordany Ramirez (?), 24
HOU RP G.Romero/Chad Reineke, 26

CIN IF Keppinger, 28
CIN 2B B.Phillips, 27
CIN 1B Votto, 25
CIN 3B/1B E.Encarnacion, 25
CIN RP Belisle, 28
CIN SP Cueto, 22
CIN SP Volquez, 25
CIN RP Burton, 27
CIN RP Bray, 25
CIN RP G.Aybar/Gary Majewski, 28
CIN SP G.Paulino/Homer Bailey, 22

PIT C/OF Doumit, 27
PIT C R.Paulino, 27
PIT OF Duffy, 28
PIT OF McLouth, 27
PIT OF/3B J.Bautista, 28
PIT SP Snell, 27
PIT SP Maholm, 26
PIT SP Duke, 25
PIT SP Gorzelanny, 26
PIT RP Osoria, 27
PIT RP Capps, 25
PIT SS Bixler, 26
PIT OF/1B G.Suzuki/Steve Pearce, 25
PIT RP Meek, 25
PIT RP G.Bennett/Sean Burnett, 26

ARI C C.Snyder, 27
ARI C M.Montero, 25
ARI 1B/OF C.Jackson, 26
ARI 3B/1B M.Reynolds, 25
ARI 3B/1B C.Tracy, 28
ARI SS S.Drew, 25
ARI OF J.Upton, 21
ARI OF Salazar, 28
ARI OF C.Young, 25
ARI SP Haren, 28
ARI SP Owings, 26
ARI RP G.Ortiz, 24

COL C Iannetta, 25
COL SS Tulowitzki, 24
COL OF Holliday, 28
COL OF Taveras, 27
COL SP Francis, 27
COL SP U.Jimenez, 24
COL SP Hirsh, 26
COL RP T.Buchholz, 27
COL RP M.Corpas, 26
COL 3B G.Harris/Ian Stewart, 23
COL SS G.Hall/Omar Quintanilla, 27
COL OF G.Howell/Seth Smith, 26
COL OF G.Buck/Cory Sullivan, 29
COL SP F.Morales, 22
COL RP Capellan, 27

SD 1B A.Gonzalez, 26
SD 2B Crabbe, 25
SD 3B Kouzmanoff, 27
SD G.Young/Luis Rodriguez, 28
SD Greene, 29
SD OF Hairston, 28
SD SP Prior, 28
SD SP Peavy, 27
SD SP Germano, 26
SD RP Meredith, 25
SD C Morton, 26
SD RP Hampson, 28
SD SP Stauffer, 26
SD RP Thatcher, 27

LAD C R.Martin, 25
LAD 1B Loney, 24
LAD 2B/SS Hu, 24
LAD 3B A.LaRoche, 25
LAD 3B T.Abreu, 24
LAD OF Kemp, 24
LAD OF Ethier, 26
LAD SP Billingsley, 24
LAD RP Broxton, 24
LAD 3B DeWitt, 23
LAD OF G.Soria/Jason Repko, 28
LAD RP G.Weaver/Yhency Brazoban (?), 28
LAD RP Troncoso, 25

SF C Holm, 29
SF 3B J.Castillo, 27
SF IF/OF Velez, 26
SF OF F.Lewis, 28
SF OF/1B Ortmeier, 27
SF SP Correia, 27
SF SP Lowry, 28
SF SP M.Cain, 24
SF SP Lincecum, 24
SF SP J.Sanchez, 26
SF RP B.Wilson, 26
SF IF Frandsen, 26
SF OF Timpner, 25
SF OF G.Carroll/Nate Schierholtz, 24

If you guys think there is anybody who should be added on or left off, leave a reply.

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 Post subject: Re: Young Trade Targets
PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:09 am 
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Console '07: Nintendo Wii
Console '08: Nintendo Wii
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The New Big Three is here-Derek Barnett, Manfred Anderson, and Randall Grabow
Even Though I'm a reliever I wasn't always a Genius- Hank Torres
DayDreaming is what it's like to sleep with your eyes open- BBMan 9500
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I will always love this place

When there is actually activity again I'll be there!

 Post subject: Re: Young Trade Targets
PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 9:53 am 
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Garrett Atkins, Brad Hawpe, and Ryan Spilborghs are all 28, and valuable trade targets.


 Post subject: Re: Young Trade Targets
PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:48 pm 
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Power Pro Legend
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Joined: Sun Aug 07, 2011 4:12 am
Posts: 4628
Location: ニュージャージー州
Favorite Team: Phillies
Console '07: Don't Own
Console '08: Nintendo Wii
Favorite Japanese title: (Vita) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2012
I've decided to update this list. Some players will be more useful and were kept on, others added as a result of me stretching the age/salary range a bit.

Phil Hughes 95/E/B NYY
Ian Kennedy 90/F/B NYY
Joba Chamberlain 99/D/E NYY
Gordon E/C/C/D/D/E NYY

Jon Lester 93/E/B BOS
Clay Buchholz 94/F/B BOS
Jonathan Papelbon 98/B/E BOS
Dustin Pedroia C/B/E/D/E/E BOS
Jacoby Ellsbury E/D/C/B/A BOS

Luke Scott D/B/B/D/F/C BAL
Nick Markakis C/B/E/E/C/C BAL
Adam Jones F/E/E/D/E/G BAL

Edwin Jackson 98/D/B TB
Matt Garza 96/D/B TB
Evan Longoria E/B/E/C/F/E TB
Jason Bartlett D/D/D/B/B/C TB
B.J. Upton C/B/B/D/C/D TB

Jair Jurrjens 96/E/B ATL
Rafael Soriano 95/B/E ATL
Brian McCann C/B/F/E/D/C ATL
Kelly Johnson D/B/C/A/F/B ATL
Jeff Francoeur D/B/C/B/C/D ATL
Jo-Jo Reyes 96/E/B ATL

Chris Duncan D/B/C/F/F/D STL
Kyle McClellan 95/F/E STL

Justin Verlander 99/D/B DET
Joel Zumaya 102/D/E DET
Miguel Cabrera C/A/E/E/C/C DET
Roberts 95/F/E DET

Cliff Lee 92/D/B CLE
Rafael Pérez 91/B/E CLE
Asdrubal Cabrera E/D/E/C/A/B CLE
Jhonny Peralta D/B/E/C/C/C CLE
Grady Sizemore D/B/B/D/C/B CLE
Shin-Soo Choo D/F/C/E/D/F CLE

Boone Logan 94/C/E CHW
Bobby Jenks 99/B/E CHW
Carlos Quentin E/B/C/E/F/D CHW
Hart E/B/G/B/F/D CHW

Pat Neshek 95/C/E MIN
Joe Mauer C/C/C/C/B/B MIN
Justin Morneau D/B/E/C/D/B MIN
Brendan Harris D/B/G/D/D/E MIN
Carlos Gómez F/F/B/F/E/F MIN
Delmon Young D/C/C/C/F/D MIN
Jason Kubel D/B/E/C/F/D MIN
Francisco Liriano 98/C/B MIN

Yovani Gallardo 93/D/B MIL
Prince Fielder D/A/F/C/D/C MIL
Bill Hall D/B/B/A/D/D MIL
J.J. Hardy D/B/D/C/C/D MIL
Ryan Braun C/A/D/E/F/G MIL
Corey Hart C/B/D/E/D/E MIL

Jarrod Saltalamacchia E/C/F/D/F/E TEX
Ian Kinsler D/B/D/E/E/D TEX
Josh Hamilton D/B/E/D/D/F TEX
Dustin Nippert 96/C/E TEX

J.R. Towles G/E/E/B/C/C HOU
Hunter Pence C/B/D/C/B/C HOU
Romero 96/C/C HOU

Jered Weaver 94/C/B LAA
Ervin Santana 96/D/B LAA
Francisco Rodríguez 97/C/E LAA
Casey Kotchman C/B/E/D/D/C LAA
Howie Kendrick C/C/D/E/E/C LAA

Ubaldo Jiménez 98/E/B COL
Franklin Morales 92/E/B COL
Taylor Buchholz 95/B/E COL
Garrett Atkins C/B/D/C/D/C COL
Troy Tulowitzki D/B/D/E/D/D COL
Willy Taveras C/E/A/D/C/C COL
Buck D/E/B/E/D/B COL
Brad Hawpe D/A/C/C/E/B COL

Jake Peavy 95/B/A SD
Cla Meredith 90/B/E SD
Adrian Gonzalez D/B/E/C/D/B SD
Kevin Kouzmanoff D/B/D/D/F/F SD
Khalil Greene E/B/D/C/C/C SD
Justin Hampson 92/B/E SD

Aaron Heilman 95/B/E NYM
David Wright B/A/D/D/C/C NYM
José Reyes D/C/A/C/C/C NYM
Ryan Church D/B/D/F/D/D NYM
Joe Smith 95/C/E NYM

John Lannan 88/F/B WAS
Chad Cordero 93/C/E WAS
Nick Johnson C/A/D/B/C/D WAS
Ryan Zimmerman D/B/D/B/C/B WAS
Lastings Milledge E/D/B/E/E/D WAS

Shawn Marcum 91/C/C TOR
Jesse Litsch 93/D/B TOR
Brian Wolfe 88/B/E TOR
Casey Janssen 92/B/E TOR
Aaron Hill D/B/C/E/C/D TOR
Adam Lind F/D/E/D/F/D TOR
Alex Rios C/B/B/D/B/C TOR
Brandon League 98/F/E TOR

Scott Olsen 93/C/B FLA
Andrew Miller 97/E/B FLA
Sergio Mitre 93/C/B FLA
Taylor Tankersley 93/D/E FLA
Dan Uggla D/B/B/E/D/D FLA
Hanley Ramirez B/A/B/E/C/D FLA
Josh Willingham D/B/E/E/E/D FLA
Jeremy Hermida D/B/D/F/D/D FLA
Cody Ross E/C/C/C/F/D FLA
Aníbal Sánchez 93/F/B FLA

Duncan 95/E/E CHC
Kevin Hart 94/E/E CHC
Geovany Soto F/E/G/E/E/D CHC
Kosuke Fukudome B/B/C/B/B/B CHC
Kerry Wood 95/D/E CHC
Rich Hill 93/C/A CHC
Matt Murton C/D/C/D/E/B CHC

Joakim Soria 92/B/E KC
Zack Greinke 96/B/E KC
Billy Butler D/C/F/F/F/F KC
Mark Teahen D/C/C/D/D/C KC
David DeJesus D/D/B/D/B/C KC
Alex Gordon E/C/F/F/E/F KC

Ian Snell 96/C/A PIT
Zack Duke 90/C/B PIT
Paul Maholm 93/C/A PIT
Ronny Paulino D/C/F/C/D/C PIT
Ryan Doumit E/C/E/F/F/D PIT
Adam LaRoche D/B/E/E/D/B PIT
Jose Bautista E/B/D/D/D/D PIT
Jason Bay D/C/B/D/A/B PIT

Paulino 93/E/B CIN
Johnny Cueto 95/F/E CIN
Brandon Phillips D/B/C/E/C/F CIN
Edwin Encarnacion D/B/D/C/D/D CIN
Aybar 95/B/E CIN
Joey Votto F/E/F/E/F/E CIN

Matt Cain 97/C/A SF
Tim Lincecum 98/D/A SF
Noah Lowry 90/D/A SF
Brian Wilson 97/C/E SF

Chad Billingsley 95/C/C LAD
Jonathan Broxton 98/B/E LAD
Russell Martin D/B/D/C/C/B LAD
James Loney C/B/A/F/F/C LAD
André Ethier C/B/B/C/C/D LAD
Matt Kemp D/C/C/D/F/G LAD

Felix Hernandez 98/C/A SEA
Brandon Morrow 98/D/E SEA
Kenji Johjima D/B/E/C/D/B SEA
José López D/D/B/E/D/D SEA
Adrian Beltre D/B/D/C/C/B SEA
Ryan O'Flaherty 93/C/E SEA

Rich Harden 97/E/C OAK
Santiago Casilla 96/D/E OAK
Andrew Brown 94/D/E OAK
Huston Street 95/B/E OAK
Kurt Suzuki F/D/E/E/E/D OAK
Jack Cust E/A/F/C/E/G OAK
Travis Buck D/C/F/F/D/E OAK
Ryan Sweeney D/F/D/E/F/D OAK

Brandon Webb 91/B/A ARI
Dan Haren 95/C/A ARI
Micah Owings 91/C/B ARI
Brandon Lyon 95/B/E ARI
Chris Snyder E/C/F/A/D/B ARI
Conor Jackson D/B/E/C/F/C ARI
Mark Reynolds D/B/E/D/F/F ARI
Stephen Drew E/C/B/C/C/D ARI
Chris Young E/B/C/D/E/D ARI
Justin Upton F/E/E/E/E/E ARI
Chad Qualls 96/B/E ARI

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The Kids are Alright
She's So Heavy

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