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Author:  Powerprosfan31 [ Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:38 pm ]
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ZeroGibson13 wrote:
Holy football score

We gettin real into Football territory now, oh bby

Zumikaku wrote:
Watching Ryu trying to be a good manager like

He's tryin c:


August 20, 2036

Oh boy… The Knights again. We’re hosting them today, at least. Unfortunately though, we’ve got their ace--Hiroshi Kujikawa.

Kyoto Knights (72-29-5) - 8
Osaka Foxes (40-62-4) - 4

0|1|1|0|0|1|0|2|3 8|16|0 Knights
0|0|0|0|1|1|0|2|0 4|11|1 Foxes


1. Ishikawa - CF (1-4, SAC, 2B)
2. Yoshimi - LF (3-5, K, 2B, 1 RBI [47])
3. Fujioka - RF (2-5, 2 K, 2B, HR [13], 3 RBI [79, 80, 81])
4. Ootake - DH (1-5, 2B)
5. Saitoh - C (1-5, K, HR [9], 1 RBI [46])
6. Kura - SS (2-5, ROE)
7. Oka - 1B (3-5, HR [7], 2 RBI [35, 36])
8. Tajima - 3B (2-4, 1 RBI [45])
9. Ji - 2B (1-4, DP)

Kujikawa (7 ⅔ IP, 4 R, 4 ER, 1 BB)
Morifuku (1 ⅓ IP, 0 R)


1. Izumi - 3B (1-4)
2. Iijima - 2B (1-4, 2B, 3 RBI [47, 48, 49])
3. Kobayashi - SS (1-4, 2B)
4. Suzuki - DH (2-4, 2B)
5. Nishizawa - CF (1-3, BB)
6. Imanami - C (1-4)
7. Nakamoto - 1B (2-4, DP, 1 RBI [47])
8. Abe - RF (0-4, DP)
9. Hoshi - LF (2-4, 2B)

Kobayashi (6 IP, 3 R, 3 ER, 4 K)
Iwasaki (1 ⅓ IP, 2 R, 2 ER)
Yamamoto (⅔ IP, 3 R, 3 ER)
Kaga (1 IP, 0 R)

Oka: Went 3-5 with a homerun and 2 RBI

WP: Kujikawa (12-4)
LP: Kobayashi (1-10)
S: Morifuku (2)

“Alright! Nice game today, boys!” I said to the players remaining. Some of them seemed to smile.

Our locker room was a bit wanting, its lack of players showed its grime and the overwhelming smell of cigarette smoke permeated the air. Its deep grey lockers and dulled orange stripe painted above them did little to make it welcoming. Nonetheless, it was home--and I had to make it as homey as I possibly could. “Only lost by 4 runs today! And to the Knights? That’s honestly something to be proud of, boys. And! Four runs off of Kujikawa?! Now, that's incredible."
“Thanks, coach.” Iijima waved to me from the bathroom. “We’re tryin’.”
“I know. I… Man, I’m glad to hear that.” I took off my cap. “I’m really glad to hear that.”

Imanami came over he slapped me in the back, “We see you, coach. As much as you might think you’re hiding it, we see you--when you go in your office and just kinda like stare at the wall. We, uh, we see that. It’s clear that you give a damn about us, Azuma. So, uh…” He looked around the clubhouse at the guys who were left. “Thanks, I guess. Thanks for actually caring.”
The edges of my mouth curled up as I tried to hold back the almost inevitable tears. “Thank you for saying that, Imanami. It really means a lot to hear that from you.”
“For sure, coach.” He picked his catcher’s up off the ground, “See you later, boys.”
“Bye, Imanami!” Kobayashi said, his back turned, putting on his shoes.

Well now, this is certainly an improvement… I guess I did get through to them!


As I was tucking into bed, my phone began buzzing. I flipped it over to be met with Ishikawa’s grinning face taking up the entirety of the screen.

“What’s going on, Ishi?”
“22nd’s Yoshimi’s 21st birthday!! Saitoh and I are gonna take him out to town after the game! You wanna join in?”
“You already know I need some Archers’ time.”
“Hell yeaaaaaah! Good game today, eh?”
“It was, surprisingly. I see that you’re really getting good at pushing the ball now.”
“Haha! Thanks, coach. You and Saitoh really saved me from those second string doldrums.”
“Well, I’ll see you Friday! Or, well actually tomorrow. But Friday! We’re gettin’ Yoshimi slammed.”
“Hahaha, sounds like a plan. See you Friday, Ishi.”
“See you coach. Goodnight!”
“Night, kiddo.”

I’m glad to see Ishikawa and the rest of the Archers guys doing well up with the Knights. I’m so proud of my boys…

August 21, 2036

Knights - 11
Foxes - 1

August 22, 2036

Knights - 5
Foxes - 2

Author:  AgentP [ Sun Dec 03, 2017 9:12 pm ]
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awwwww look at ryu doin the thing

go ryu i believe @ you

(also excellent writing as usual tweavster)

Author:  Powerprosfan31 [ Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The New Knights | The Osaka Foxes

AgentP wrote:
awwwww look at ryu doin the thing

go ryu i believe @ you

(also excellent writing as usual tweavster)

tysm c':


August 22, 2036
Hotto Motto Field Kobe, Kobe

Well… That was a pretty rough series. I guess if there’s any consolation, it would be that we were only blown out once? Yeah. Yeah, I suppose that’s good.
I leaned back in my chair.
“I suppose that’s good.” I echoed aloud.
All the players had already left after our midday loss. I was left alone in our shabby clubhouse.


I snapped back upright. My phone was dancing on my desk with Ishikawa’s grinning face on it. I picked it up.
“Hey, Ishi. You guys all ready?”
“Yeah, Yoshimi’s just finishing up with his hair now. Where we meeting up?”
“I can head over there if that’s alright with Nomoto.”
“Oh! Hold on a second, I’ll go ask him.”
“Hey, Azuma? You still there?”
“Yeah, I’m still here.”
“Oh good. Yeah, come on over, Nomoto said it was fine. Besides, there’s only like five people still here anyways.”
“Sounds good, I’ll be right over, then.”
“Sounds good!”

I hung up, grabbed my bag, and walked to the bathroom’s mirror. I checked myself out to make sure I was still looking fresh. “These kids are so goddamn trendy, I just have to make sure I don’t look like their chaperone…” I ran my hand through my hair a couple times and made my way over to the visiting locker room.


When I got to the double doors marked above with “VISITOR,” I came to the realization that I had quite literally never stepped foot in this clubhouse. I wonder if it’s as drab as ours…

I knock three times.
The door was pulled open from the inside and…
“Oh shit,” I said aloud, accidentally, “it’s exactly the same.”
“Haha, expecting a bit more, Ryu?” A very familiar voice from inside replied.

Hideo Nomoto’s calm, glasses’d face was a comforting sight to see after the complete routing his team gave mine.

“How have you been?” He asked.
“Good!” I reflexively responded, “well, actually… I’ve been okay. Yeah, let’s go with that.”
“New team treating you alright?”
“Er, well… It’s been a, uh, kinda ‘tenuous’ transition, I’d say. Some of the guys are just so totally fed up, it’s pretty disappointing to tell you the truth.”
“Oh. Well, I’m sorry to hear that, Ryu.”
“Yeah, haha… I’m sorry to say it too.”

There was a lingering silence. Nomoto just sort of stared at me with his wise eyes. I felt a bit overwhelmed.

“Hmph. Well! Ishikawa tells me you and the boys are heading out to grab some dinner, is this true?” He asked with a knowing smile.
“Oh, uh, yeah. Of course!”
He leaned in close, “Don’t get these kids fired, will ya? I need them for Sunday.”
“You can count on me, sir.”

“Well! They’re over there by the television.” He pointed to a part of the locker room sequestered from the main area.
“Thanks, Nomoto.”
“No problem. It was good to see you, Ryu.”
“You too.”
“Keep up the good work, alright? Your first year’s always gonna be tough, plus you’ve got the added bonus of being a mid-season replacement to boot, so… Have faith. They’ll come around to you in time.”
“Thank you.”
“Now have fun out there. But not too much!” Nomoto said as he was walking back to his office.

I smiled, reaffirmed of my position with the Foxes, and my excitement reupped for a night on the town with the Archers boys.
I gathered myself with a deep breath,

“Let’s do this.”

Author:  Powerprosfan31 [ Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The New Knights | The Osaka Foxes

August 22, 2036
Hotto Motto Field Kobe, Kobe

The three of them were trading opinions on the model in the latest KOKO ad.
“Oh, come on, she’s like 27.” Saitoh said to Ishikawa
“Pshhh, so? She’s like crazy gorgeous. Plus, that’s not much older than me, dude. All I’m sayin is that with all this going on,” he made circles around his face, “I’ve got a chance. Surely, you gotta agree with that, Saitoh…” Ishikawa responded
Saitoh let out a hardy laugh, “Hahahaha, I’d sooner say Yoshimi could jump into her pool.”
Yoshimi, legs crossed and sitting at the end of the couch, didn’t offer a response. I could only assume he wryly smiled at the compliment.
“Aw…” Ishikawa looked despondent.

Time to make my presence known

“Hello, boys.” I said from behind the couch. Not exactly the most dynamic of entrances…
“Azumaaaaaaaaaaa!” Ishikawa hollered, “You ready for some good, clean fun??”
“I sure am.”
“That’s what I like to hear! Alright boys,” he slapped Yoshimi and Saitoh on their arms, “let’s get this night in gear, shall we?”

The three boys stood up, and almost as if choreographed, walked out of the club house in sequence. I was in tow a couple steps behind Saitoh. “See you, coach!” Ishikawa yelled as we were leaving.

As we got to the parking lot, Ishikawa brought us to a stop. He ran ahead a few steps.

“Alright, so here’s the plan. Azuma?” Ishikawa pointed at me.
“Do you know any good places to eat around here?”
“Uh… I only know about a French cafe that probably only serves lunch…”
“Er, shit, alright. Well then step one’s finding a place to eat. But, after we get some grub on, we’re gonna head down to a bar that a, uh, friend of mine from high school is bartending at. It’s a place called Sone, you ever hear about it, Azuma?”
“...I, uh… no.”
“...Welp, it’s supposed to be this really cool old jazz bar. And I’m thinkin’, ‘hey now, Yoshimi’s calm and cool and jazz is cool and like, soulful? Or something? So he’s bound to like it.’ Am I off base here, Yoshi?”
“Well,” Yoshimi’s smooth voice broke the air for the first time of the night, “I appreciate the compliment. No, you’re not off base--Sone sounds great.”
“Awesome! Any objections so far, Saitoh? Azuma?”
“Nope, keep it rolling, kid.”
“None.” I added
“Alright! So,” Ishikawa continued, “after some jamming at Sone, I was thinking, and this is where it might get a little dicey…” He paused, reveling in the moment, “...Sssssoapland! Eh? Ehhh?”
“No.” Yoshimi quickly responded.
“Oh, come onnnn, we hit up the soapland in Fukuhara and then we head home new men.”
“No, we’re not going to a soapland.”
“No, Ishikawa. Come up with something else.”
“Fiiiine… We’ll throw soapland on the backburner, then. Uh… How about we just play it by ear after Sone, then?”
Saitoh chimed in, “Sounds like a plan.”
“How’s it sound, Azuma?” Ishikawa asked
“It all sounds good to me.”
“Alright! Let’s get this bus rollin! I’ll call a taxi.” Ishikawa pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number for a cab.


“Wait, where the hell are we going to dinner though?”

Author:  Powerprosfan31 [ Fri Dec 08, 2017 11:13 pm ]
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August 22, 2036
Tor Road Steak Aoyama, Chuo-Ku, Kobe

“Goooooood god, that was some goooood steak.” Ishikawa took a deep breath and sunk into his wooden chair. He looked at his empty plate, an entire steak course totally conquered, “We really crushed those.”
“Wow.” I put down my chopsticks. “That was… that was unbelievable. This is--This is like on a Mori’s Meat level, boys.”
“Shit, Azuma. You don’t throw that around lightly.” Saitoh said, his plate equally empty.
“I sure as hell don’t. God, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this place…” I’ll have to bring Miyuki here some time. Orrr maybe Ms. Arakawa…?

Our waiter came back to our table, “How was everything?” He asked in a hushed tone
Yoshimi tore himself away from his phone, “Absolutely incredible.”
“Hey… wait a minute…” The waiter tilted his head, uh oh, looks like he knows who these guys are, “You’re Yoshimi, right? Kouhei Yoshimi, the baseball player?”
“Mmmyep.” He replied, cool as could be.
“Whoa… Please pardon my asking but, uh, could I get your autograph? My--my younger sister’s a huge fan.”
“Oh yeah? That’s really cool. What do you want me to sign?”
“Oh! Uh, hold on a second, I’ll be right back.”

The young man rushed back into the kitchen.

“Wow, Yoshi! Even out in the Kobean badlands, you’re getting recognized… Must be nice, hahaha!” Ishikawa leaned on his elbows, “and a prrretty autograph for a prrreetty girl, no less?” He kissed the air a couple times.
Yoshimi looked disinterested, “You know it.”

“Oh, here he comes again.” Saitoh noticed the waiter making his way past the cook at the counter. He had a Knights hat in his hand. “What’re you doin?!” The chef yelled as he went past.
“Sorry sir! Uh, official business!” He replied hurriedly walking back over to the table.

He stood at the head of the table, “This. Could you, uh, could you sign this please?”
“Wow.” Yoshimi looked at the kid and smiled, “A Knights fan all the way out here?”
“Yeah! Er, well, it’s mainly my sister… But, uh, yeah we just moved down here to Kobe a couple months ago…”
“Hmmh, good stuff. I’m glad to see the fanbase is infecting the whole country, haha.” Yoshimi stretched out his hands, the waiter quickly passed him his hat and a Sharpie.
“What’s your sister’s name, bud?” Yoshimi asked
“Ogawa. Kiyori Ogawa.”

He signed the bill of the cap and finished it off with a smiley face.

“Oh man, thank you so much! She’s gonna be so psyched to see this. ...Seriously, thank you so much, Yoshimi.” He bowed.
“Haha, don’t mention it, bud. We’ll take the check now.”
“Right away!”

This whole interaction really made me think about how Kenma described meeting Jack Allen all those years ago… Him doing that, going out of the way to get something that he knew I loved without telling him… It really makes me happy to call him my brother, as I’m sure this Kiyori’s glad to call this young man hers.

The waiter came back with the check, ¥24,500, not too bad for a meal this damn good. Ishikawa, Saitoh, and I split it three ways and we were off to Sone, which was just an 8 minute walk away.

Author:  Powerprosfan31 [ Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:13 am ]
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August 22, 2036
Sone, Chuo, Kobe

A band that called themselves The Buckles were on stage when we walked in. A woman in a big hat was softly singing a song in English, with a couple people playing some other, jazzy, instruments behind her. Even though I had no idea what she was saying, I have to say that it sounded quite nice.

We walked over to the bar.

“What’ll you boys have?” The bartender asked. She was a young woman with shoulder length, dark black hair and some pretty incredible winged eyeshadow.
“Yamazaki.” Yoshimi said without a thought.
“I’ll take a Manhattan please.” Saitoh requested. Hunh, I really didn’t expect him to a cocktail kinda guy
“Sure thing.” The bartender said, she turned to Ishikawa and I, “You guys drinking anything?”

“Uhhh, yeah.” Ishikawa was a bit slower than his teammates, “I’ll take a hmm... Moscow Mule? Yeah, that should work. Moscow Mule.”
“Hold on… Ishikawa?! Takamichi Ishikawa, in the flesh?” She seemed to recognize him, it must’ve been his ‘friend’ from high school.

“Heeeeey, Ayana. Been a while, eh?”
“I’d say so! What the hell are you doin’ down here?”
“I, uh, I’m playing with the Knights now. We had a game finish up a couple hours ago at Hotto Motto.”
“No shit? You finally made it big time, eh?”
“Hahaha, no shit! Oh! Right, these are some of my friends from the team. Kouhei Yoshimi, Ken Saitoh, Ryu Azuma… say hello to Ayana Masuda.”
We said our hellos.

“It’s this guy’s birthday today, actually.” Ishikawa pointed square at Yoshimi.
He nodded with a half smile.
“Allllright, good to meet you boys. Any friend of Ishi’s is a friend of mine! Tell you what, this first round’s on the house--as a gift for your boy Yoshimi’s birthday.”
“Wow! Thanks, Ayana!”
She winked, “You know it, Taka.”

“Alrighty.” She looked straight at me. “For you, Azuma?”
Am I drinking tonight? Hmm, I probably shouldn’t. Do I really want another tattoo…? Then again it is free…
“Just a Guinness for me.”
“Sure thing, those’ll be right up.” She moved over to the tap and told one of the guys behind the bar to start working on Saitoh’s Manhattan.

She slid us our drinks and we found a seat about 5 meters from the stage.
“Ahhh.” Yoshimi took a short sip of his whiskey, “Now that’s some good, clean Yamazaki.” He sat back in his chair, finally looking comfortable, “Good choice, Ishi.”
Ishikawa, naturally, beamed at this unexpected compliment, “Thanks! Ayana’s been trying to get me to come down here for like a whole year now.”
“Oh yeah? How the hell do you know that kinda girl anyways, Ishikawa?” Saitoh asked between sips of his Manhattan.
“Well uh… she’s one of my high school teammates’ older sister.”
“She seemed pretty happy to see you.” Yoshimi added
“Yeah, haha… We, uh, well… you know…” He winked.
“You’re *(censored)*’ me.” Saitoh was frozen slackjawed.
“Nahhh dude, I was *(censored)*’ her.”
Ishikawa didn’t miss a beat.

Yoshimi slammed his glass to the table, “Nooooo way!” he responded, perhaps the loudest I’ve ever heard him.
“Hell yeah! Oh come on, is it really that hard to believe that I was spittin some serious game when I was a senior?”
“*(censored)* yeah it is, hahaha! That’s insane, dude. Nice pull, goddamn... How old is she?”
“Well… She was 22 when I was a senior, so she’s, uh… 24 now? Yeah.”
“Good lord, Ishi.” I was taken aback. “That’s pretty damn impressive.”
“Thank you, Coach. I knew I could count on you to believe me.”

“But wait,” Saitoh interjected, “if you two were a thing a couple years ago, and she didn’t know that you were with the Knights, that would mean you’re not a thing anymore, right?”
“Right, yeah.”
“Then why the hell was she so happy to see you that she gave us all free drinks??” Saitoh took another sip of his Manhattan.
“Oh! Well, I mean, you know… uh… we’re still like friends, I guess. Just, uh, less one-on-one time.”
“Just friends.” One more sip of Manhattan
“And that shit actually worked out for you?”
“Yep, guess so, hahaha!”
“God, Ishikawa, you’re the luckiest dude I’ve ever met.”
“Haha, thanks.” Ishikawa beamed again at the unexpected complement.

I took a sip of my Guinness and shifted my attention from the boys sharing their high school war-stories to the stage, and The Buckles surprisingly riveting performance.

Wow… This is actually an incredible musical display. I watched the bassist slap away at his base, the singer almost whisper a melodic sounding string of nonsense into her microphone, the keyboard player hit her keys without even looking at them This is beautiful. The lack of structure, the lack of form… It just seems like they’re making sound if you’re not really paying attention but damn, the music that’s coming out of those three is incredible. It’s almost like a metaphor? A metaphor for the formlessness of life? Is that what jazz is? Shit, I dunno. I feel like that may be really reaching for an infinitesimally small straw. But still, the journey these Buckles are taking me on is really comforting…

“Yoo, Azuma?”
“H-what? Huh?”
“We lost you there for a second, man. You good? I know half a Guinness can mess you up, hahahaha.” Saitoh tapped me on the shoulder.
“Oh shit, uh, yeah I’m good. I guess I was just vibing to the music a little too hard, heheh.”
“Shit, alright dude. It is pretty good though, I get how you could get lost in it.”

I took another couple sips of my Guinness.

“Alright boys, another round?” Ishikawa asked.
“Yes please.” Yoshimi quickly responded, “Another Yamazaki.”
“I’ll take another Manhattan, yeah.”
“Azuma?” Ishikawa stood up, “Or are you still working on that bad boy?”
“Still working on this bad boy.”
“Alright. I’ll be right back.”

When Ishikawa came back with the second round, he sat down with a huff.
“Okay guys, so I’m thinkin after this round we head to--”
“Not Fukuhara.” Yoshimi interrupted
“--Soapla… Dammit, alright. Well, what do you want to do, Yoshi?”
“Hmm… I do have an idea.”

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August 22, 2036
Meriken Park, Kobe


“Whoa… How’d you know about this place, Yoshi?” Ishikawa asked
“I used to live here, man.”
“Wait. Seriously?!”
“Yeah. I can’t believe you didn’t know that.”
“Well, I’m pretty sure you never told me that! So, wait, you’ve already been to Aoyama Steak, haven’t you?”
“Hundreds of times, haha.”
“ maaan. And Sone too?”
“Nah, actually never even heard of that place before.”
“Ah, phew! Good, I’m glad we got you to try out one new thing tonight.”
“Oh please, it was fun walking my old streets.” Yoshimi smiled softly, his face lit up by the Kobe skyline. “Thanks for a good birthday, guys.” He said without looking at us.
“Anytime, pal.” Saitoh slapped him on the shoulder.

I watched the three of them stare off into the night. It’s so great to see friendships as pure as these… I really just can’t get enough of seeing people happily spending time with those close to them. I’m so glad I’m able to call these goofy kids friends of mine. As tough as it’s been with the Foxes, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity not only to live out my dream, but to meet people like Yoshimi, Saitoh, and Ishikawa. To meet people who strive for success and try to bring happiness to those they meet. It’s an honor to be among them... even if I am an old curmudgeon compared to em.

“Azuma?” Yoshimi called me. He and the other two were sitting on a bench behind me.
“You make a better door than window.”
I began to laugh--one of those guttural, ugly, pure laughs. “Ha… Sorry, kids.”

I stood next to their bench.

We stayed and looked at the bright lights of the Kobe skyline stave off the dark of the night. What more could I ask for on a warm, summer’s night than to spend it with some Knights?


some more games on they way!

Author:  Powerprosfan31 [ Sun Mar 04, 2018 5:45 pm ]
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August 28, 2036

We’re playing the Bears today. If there’s a miracle, we could pass them for 5th place by the time the season’s up!

Osaka Foxes (42-68-4) - 10
Fukushima Bears (51-59-4) - 21

0|0|0|1|2|4|2|1|0 10|19|1 Foxes
4|1|2|7|1|0|3|3|x 21|29|0 Bears


1. Izumi - 3B (4-6, 2 2B, 1 RBI [38])
2. Iijima - 2B (2-5, BB, DP, 1 RBI [54])
3. Kobayashi - SS (3-5, 2 HR [23, 24], 3 RBI [68, 69, 70])
4. Suzuki - DH (1-5, 2 K, HR [15], 1 RBI [54])
5. Nishizawa - CF (2-4, K, BB, 2 2B)
6. Imanami - C (3-5, 2B, 1 RBI [51])
7. Nakamoto - 1B (1-4, BB, 1 RBI [51])
8. Abe - RF (1-5, HR [8], 2 RBI [47, 48])
9. Hamazaki - LF (2-5)

Suda (3+ IP, 12 R, 12 ER, 2 K, 2 BB)
Ohhara (2 IP, 3 R, 3 ER, 1 K)
Yamamoto (⅓ IP, 0 R, 1 K)
Kaga (2 ⅔ IP, 6 R, 6 ER, 1 K)


1. Kikuchi - 2B (3-7, ROE, 3 2B, 2 RBI [48, 49])
2. Kajitani - SS (5-6, K, 2 2B, HR [13], 4 RBI [67, 68, 69, 70])
3. Matsunaka - LF (2-6, 2B, K)
4. Nakata - RF (4-6, 2B, 2 HR [27, 28], 3 RBI [86, 87, 88])
5. Nakamura - 3B (1-4, IBB, HBP, K, HR [33], 1 RBI [91])
6. Matsuyama - DH (2-6, K, 2B, 2 RBI [34, 35])
7. Ka - 1B (4-5, 2 2B, HR [24], 5 RBI [70, 71, 72, 73, 74])
- Maru - PR
- Yanagida - 1B (1-1, HR [1], 1 RBI [2])
8. Ishihara - C (4-6, K)
9. Akamatsu - CF (3-6, 2 2B, 3 RBI [35, 36, 37])

Nakamura (5 IP, 3 R, 3 ER, 3 K, 2 BB)
Jenkins (⅓ IP, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB)
Yokoyama (1 IP, 4 R, 4 ER)
Nakata (2 ⅔ IP, 1 R, 1 ER)

Ka: Went 4-5 with 2 doubles, a homerun, and 5 RBI
Nakamura: Pitched decently and got the win

WP: Nakamura (4-6)
LP: Suda (5-7)
S: --

...No miracles today.
I walked into the clubhouse and looked at the guys who were still around after a, frankly, demoralizing loss.
“Hey guys,” I began, “what can we do? The Bears are the best hitting team in the NPB. We put on a show of our own with the 10 runs!” I tried to drum up enthusiasm, but it just wasn’t there, “But… yeah, unfortunately that wasn’t enough.”

I looked for Suda, our starter on the day, to see if I could give him any words of encouragement after such a tough outing. All that was left in his locker was his uniform.
“He already left.” A voice from my left said.
“Ah.” I responded. Well, more opened my mouth and a sound came out.

I walked into the visiting clubhouse’s office, sat down at the desk and pulled out my laptop to update my stats spreadsheet.

It seemed losing was becoming commonplace.

Author:  AgentP [ Sun Mar 04, 2018 6:25 pm ]
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Powerprosfan31 wrote:
ZeroGibson13 wrote:
Holy football score

We gettin real into Football territory now, oh bby


Author:  ZeroGibson13 [ Mon Mar 05, 2018 2:16 pm ]
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I was going to say holy football score again. It makes sense tho, the Bears are a football team.

Author:  Powerprosfan31 [ Fri Mar 30, 2018 10:19 pm ]
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September 1, 2036

Good lord, it’s already September… Despite the dour mood in the clubhouse, time has been flying by. We’re playing the Lions today.

Osaka Foxes (44-69-4) - 5
Saitama Seibu Lions (49-61-7) - 4

2|3|0|0|0|0|0|0|0 5|14|0 Foxes
1|0|0|0|0|1|1|1|0 4|12|0 Lions


1. Izumi - 3B (1-5, 2B, 1 RBI [39])
2. Iijima - 2B (4-5, 1 RBI [55])
3. Kobayashi - SS (2-5, 2B, HR [27], 3 RBI [74, 75, 76])
4. Suzuki - DH (1-5)
5. Abe - CF (1-5)
6. Imanami - C (2-5)
7. Nakamoto - 1B (0-4, BB)
8. Sato - RF (2-3, BB, 2 2B)
9. Hamazaki - LF (1-4)

Fujii (7 IP, 3 R, 3 ER, 1 K)
Yamamoto (1 IP, 1 R, 1 ER)
Osada (1 IP, 0 R)


1. Watanabe - SS (1-4, 2B, DP)
- Tehada - PH (1-1)
- Onizaki - PR
2. Kataoka - 2B (0-5)
3. Sakata - DH (3-4, 2B)
4. Nakamura - 3B (2-4, 2B, K, 1 RBI [73])
- Kaneko - PR [3B]
5. Asamura - 1B (1-4)
6. Kuriyama - RF (1-4, 1 RBI [44])
7. Akiyama - LF (1-4, 2B)
8. Sumitani - C (1-4, 2B)
9. Kumashiro - CF (1-3)
- German - PH (0-1)

Kishi (7 ⅔ IP, 5 R, 5 ER, 2 BB)
Masuda (1 ⅓ IP, 0 R)

Kobayashi: His 2-run homerun in the 1st ended up being the difference in the game, plus he added another RBI double to that in the second!

WP: Fujii (7-6)
LP: Kishi (6-13)
S: Osada (3)

“YES!” I couldn’t help but jump to my feet, pump my fist, and yell when Hamazaki made an incredible leaping catch to end the ballgame. “*(censored)*!” I also yelled, unconsciously. Hamazaki came trotting back into the dugout from left field with a smile plastered on his face. He high fived and hugged the teammates who offered on his way in.
“Young man,” I stood in front of him, four years older, with my fist presented for bumping. He bumped, “thank you so much for that.” I said
He laughed, “No problem coach, just doing my job.” He flashed another big smile. I mirrored it.

“Gentlemen!” I said, all of us now comfortable in the locker room, some players changing back into their street clothes, some taking off their uniforms. “Now that was a win! First off, I just want to congratulate Sato on his first couple of hits this season!” I turned my attention to Shinpei Sato, who had his back turned towards me and was unbuttoning his number 4 jersey. He had his gazed affixed on the floor in front of him.
“Yeah. Thanks, Azuma.” He replied, plainly.

Shinpei Sato was at one time considered the next “Big Thing.” A player so purely talented at the game of baseball that, even ignoring his incredible work ethic and discipline, he would perhaps be the best of his generation. He was chosen first overall by the Foxes in the 2027 draft, and in his first full year (in 2028) he batted .327 with 18 homeruns and drove in 104. The whole league was ecstatic, apparently, that the Foxes finally had someone who might help them right ship after two disastrous seasons out of the gate.

And, in fact, they did! They went a respectable 72-67-5 that year thanks in large part to Sato. His next few years were equally increible (.344/24 HR/91 RBI; .329/26/95; .280/30/104; .320/25/97) but he hit a snag in 2033 and batted a, still decent but disappointing for him, .247 with 19 homeruns, but still managed to drive in and astounding 96 runs. Come 2034, he got off to an amazing start, batting .367 with 3 homeruns and 27 RBI in April alone and was looking to return to form.

But on May 4, 2034, in an incident no one seems to know anything about, Sato severely injured his leg, tearing both his ACL and MCL, and was out for the remainder of the year. In 2035, last year, he tried to mount a comeback but only managed to bat .187 with 1 RBI in 15 games before reaggravating his leg and being sidelined for the rest of the season. This year is his first year coming off the bench and it truly hasn’t treated him well, as today, the first of September, was the first time he even stood on the basepaths… I really wonder what happened to him…

“No problem!” I said, trying to bring the enthusiasm back into the room. “You all did so well as a team tonight, and to cap it all off, Hamazaki made that wonderful catch to end the game, and maybe even save our chances at 50 wins? Or maybe I’m just crazy.” I managed to get a laugh out of the crowd. First time! I was pretty proud of myself, to be honest. I spoke with the team for a little while afterwards, and they all seemed to actually be happy, which was a very rare feeling to be sure.

I left the locker room in high spirits, something that I honestly forgot could happen, sat in my car for a while looking at the clear night sky out my sunroof, and was content, if only for a moment.

God, I hope September will actually treat us well.

Author:  Baseballteen9500 [ Fri Mar 30, 2018 11:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The New Knights | The Osaka Foxes

You gotta feel for these guys they are fighting for fifth place right now they can do it!

Author:  Powerprosfan31 [ Thu May 03, 2018 11:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The New Knights | The Osaka Foxes

September 7, 2036

We’ve got the Knights again today. Can't exactly say I'm looking forward to this...

Osaka Foxes (46-72-4) - 5
Kyoto Knights (84-32-6) - 13

0|0|2|1|0|0|0|0|2 05|19|0 Foxes
4|0|3|2|0|4|0|0|x 13|19|1 Knights


1. Izumi - 3B (3-4, BB, 1 RBI [42])
2. Iijima - 2B (0-5, DP)
3. Kobayashi - SS (3-5, 2 2B)
4. Suzuki - DH (2-5, HR [17], 2 RBI [57, 58])
5. Nishizawa - CF (2-5, 2B)
6. Imanami - C (1-5)
7. Nakamoto - 1B (4-5, 2 RBI [55, 56])
8. Abe - RF (2-5, DP, ROE, 2B)
9. Hamazaki - LF (2-5)

Mishima (3 IP, 7 R, 7 ER, 1 K)
Ohhara (⅔ IP, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 K)
Yamamoto (0 IP, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB)
Kaga (1 ⅓+ IP, 4 R, 4 ER, 1 K, 1 BB)
Iwasaki (3 IP, 0 R, 1 K)


1. Ishikawa - CF (2-5, K, 3B, 1 RBI [56])
2. Yoshimi - LF (1-5, DP, 1 RBI [56])
3. Fujioka - RF (1-4, BB)
4. Ootake - DH (2-4, BB)
5. Saitoh - C (2-5, 1 RBI [56])
6. Kura - SS (4-5, K, 2 2B, 4 RBI [49, 50, 51, 52])
7. Oka - 1B (3-5, FC, 2 RBI [49, 50])
8. Tajima - 3B (3-5, 3 RBI [56, 57, 58])
9. Ji - 2B (1-4, 2B, BB, 1 RBI [51])

Kishi (7 IP, 3 R, 2 ER, 2 K)
Baster (2 IP, 2 R, 2 ER)

Kura: Stood out among the strong offense, going 4-5 with 2 doubles and 4 RBI
Kishi: Threw a quality start, going 7 strong innings and letting up only 3 runs

WP: Kishi (10-3)
LP: Mishima (2-11)
S: --

“Guess nobody else felt like showing up today, huh?” Suzuki’s gruff voice, made gruffer by his cold, rattled through the halls as I made my way back to the locker room after yet another loss to the Knights. “I’m sick as a *(censored)* dog, and I’m the only one to actually do a damn thing?” I also heard him say, as I was approaching the door.
I opened it.
“Nakamoto drove in two too.” Abe said, not moving his eyes from his phone.
“Nakamoto’s washed up. Shit doesn’t matter.” Suzuki replied
“Oh, and you’re not?”
“What was that?”

Suzuki bit down on his cigarette.

“You’re about as washed up as they get, old man.” Abe shifted his focus to Suzuki, “Do I have to make it any clearer?”
“Yeah.” A fire burned in Suzuki’s eyes Probably because of all that smoking… “Why don’t you?”
The corners of Abe’s lips rose, for all the world a smile, but his eyes were blank. “You *(censored)* suck. You’re a hasbeen, and your mere presence is a cancer to this team. Every moment you spend in this clubhouse is a moment lost to disdain. The space you occupy is worse for it. The labored breaths you draw are monumental wastes of the air left of this goddamn planet. In the simplest terms I can think of: You are a fat bastard.” Abe laughed and then sighed, “Why don’t you *(censored)* wise up? And just… leave?”

The air, apparently no longer being laboriously breathed, was suddenly stifling in its stillness. Though at this point, there were perhaps 15 players left in the locker room, only the two--Suzuki and Abe--were present. The flames in Suzuki’s eyes began to consume his whole frame. And his frame is a large one--184 cm, 124 kg. His fist sliced through the stillness and connected squarely with Abe’s upturned lip.

Somehow, he stayed standing.

He spat blood onto the carpet, “Oh you’re gonna have to do better than that.”

Another cut through the air.
Suzuki’s fist disappeared into Abe’s gut.

He was no longer standing.

It was at this point that Imanami and Asao rushed over. Imanami going down to the floor to check on Abe and Asao restraining Suzuki.
“*(censored)* you, kid!” Suzuki yelled as Asao slowly pulled him backwards. Fujii also got in between the two of them. “Nobody talks to me like that!” He wrestled away from Asao. “Get the hell off of me! God.” He shook his right hand, “Buahahah, what a joke.”

He pushed past me and slammed the doors open.

Imanami looked my way, “Are you *(censored)*’ serious? Come help me!”
“Oh!” I had been staring slackjawed at the whole exchange.

Why didn’t I do anything…?

Why COULDN’T I do anything?


Baseballteen9500 wrote:
You gotta feel for these guys they are fighting for fifth place right now they can do it!

I hope so!

Author:  AgentP [ Fri May 04, 2018 3:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The New Knights | The Osaka Foxes

ooo, drama goin down :eyes:

Author:  detroittigers15 [ Tue May 08, 2018 12:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The New Knights | The Osaka Foxes

Sounds like it'd be best for the team to get Suzuki out of the clubhouse permanently.

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