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 Post subject: Re: The New Knights | The Osaka Foxes
PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 11:50 pm 
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“YES!!” Laisei emerged from his chair like a rocket, and he immediately laid a kiss on Mayumi. “*(censored)* yes. Pheeeewwwwww. Good job, boys.”

Hiroshi Kujikawa had finished his stunning complete game performance in his first career Japan Series outing with aplomb: a strikeout to the fearsome cleanup hitter, Abe, of the Giants. His final line for the night included a couple walks, but a staggering 11 strikeouts on only 109 pitches. The Knights have taken the first game by a score of 3-1! Powered on the offensive side by homeruns by Satoshi Kura and Takuji Ootake.

“Heeeyyyy, congrats Laisei!” ...perhaps the second glass of whiskey was unwise. I went up to him and grabbed him for a big hug. “That was great!”
He let out a big breath, “Ooooh, man. I can’t tell you how nervous I was about this. Man! I’m so proud of these guys.” Lasiei clasped his hands together and tapped his forehead a few times. “Yeeeeesh, why’d they have to make it so tight though? Hahaha!”
“Hooray!” Tsuzumi had grabbed her phone to snap a picture of Laisei and I mid-embrace. “What a sweet little moment…” She said, a condescending smile locked on her face. “Congrats, boss!”
“Thanks, Tsuzu!” Laisei went in for the hug on her too, I don’t think I’d ever seen him that happy. “Could you call Kuo for me? We’re goin out tonight!” He proclaimed, fingers to the sky. “Or, hell, I’ll call her. Haha!” He floated out to the hallway to grab Kuo, who I would assume was the woman that had our coats.

“Whoa.” Accidentally slipped out of my mouth.
“Laisei might not seem it all the time, but he’s pretty *(censored)* serious about this team.” Tsuzumi replied.
“I, uh, damn. I can tell.”
Mayumi was still looking out onto the field, now filled with Knights players congratulating one another, and Kujikawa getting prepared for his post-game interview. “Wow, what a game…” She said to no one in particular. I was still absolutely floored by how graceful she was in every movement and even how every word she spoke seemed to carry like a dandelion. She turned around, “Thanks for coming, you two.”
“Hell, I’m usually here by myself with him, so thanks for being his sole focus the whole time.” Tsuzumi said with a chuckle.
“You know that’s what I’m here for, kiddie.” Mayumi replied with a wink.

Laisei walked back in with three coats in his arms and his own already on.
“Let’s gooooo!” He handed all of us our respective coats. I struggled a bit getting my left arm through, for some reason, and had to sit back down on the loveseat.

“Hey,” Laisei said from the door, “Mayumi and I are gonna head to [url=]Fishbowl[/i]. You two are more than welcome to join, if you want.”

Tsuzumi was standing in the kitchenette chatting with Mayumi, she and I quickly locked eyes after Laisei’s sudden proposal.
“Oh, uh, sorry Laisei... I gotta get back home.” I quickly said.
“Yeah, I’m not really feeling up to any more drinking tonight.” Tsuzumi added.
“Allrighty, you crazy kids. Stay safe on your ways home. And hey, thanks for coming Ryu!”
“Sure thing, Laisei, thanks for the invite.”

He disappeared down the hall once again, though there was a faint “woo!”

Mayumi was a bit slower to leave. She tapped Tsuzumi on the top of the head, “see ya, kiddie.” and then turned her attention to me.

I stood up as she got closer.

And then…

She hugged me.



Holy shit.

“It was nice to meet you, Azuma--”
“Oh, please, just Ryu’s fine!” I said, a bit too loudly.
“Haha! Then it was nice to meet you, Ryu. I’ve heard so much about you from Tsuzu and Laisei… It was nice to finally, actually, put a face to a name.”
“Oh, uh, same here. I’m glad I was finally able to meet you, uh, too…” I cleared my throat.
Mayumi’s electric smile filled the room, “Well, I’ll be seeing you two then.”

And she walked out.

“...Oh my god.” I couldn’t contain myself any longer, “OH MY GOD.”
“She hugged you.” Tsuzumi had a knowing smile plastered on her face
“She hugged me! Wo--I can’t even believe this is real…”
“God, Mr. Brook, keep it in your pants.”
“Mr. Bro--? ...That one’s gonna stick, huh?”
She let out a hearty laugh, “Oh, I think it just might.”

And despite my best efforts, I couldn’t help but join.


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