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 Post subject: Osaka Blue Wave ~-~ The Challenge of Reinstatement
PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 11:20 pm 
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In 2012, the NPB decided to add 4 expansion teams to the NPB. All of which were at the time, minor league teams, or former pro NPB teams. The four teams that were added were the Osaka Blue Wave and the Hankyu Braves to the Pacific, and the Kintetsu Pearls and the Mainichi Orions to the Central. None of the four teams has had a strong season yet, but the Orions have been able to improve over the Bay Stars over the course of 2014 and 2015.

The Blue Wave's roster has had some strengthening in the last couple of years though, thanks to a few huge international free agent signings. This story will follow fhe progress of the Osaka Blue Wave over the next few years, and their journey to success.

The Hitters

C Shinobu Morita
L/R, 18 years old, Drafted 2015
Morita was just drafted last year, and this kid was a huge addition to the Blue Wave. Rumored as the new starting catcher, the third overall draft pick has plenty of raw power and a cannon behind the dish that could develop into one of the best in the game.

C Yuudai Takajoh
R/R, 22 years old, Signed 2012
Overshadowed by severbal different catchers throughout his career on the Blue Wave, Takajoh has developed into a very solid defensive player, but he needs to get his bat going in order to claw his way back into the conversation for starting catcher with the young stud Morita on the team now.

1B/C Yuki Takamori
L/R, 27 years old, Signed 2012
Takamori, quite a solid player, is without a doubt one of the best hitters on this team. The a Blue Wave expect nothing less than 20 home runs out of their slugger this year as he is just entering his prime. Takamori, rumored to be the DH this year, is an excellent 4-tool player, lacking only the glove on defense.

1B Davin Scott
R/R, 27 years old, Signed Internationally 2014
Scott was a huge pick-up in 2014, and he is coming off a career year. He was named the top-hitting first baseman in the Pacific League last season, so he's looking for an encore year this year. Scott is coming off an 18 home run season, and hopes to combine with fellow slugger, Takamori for 40+ homers.

2B Chris Peek
L/R, 26 years old, Signed Internationally 2015
Entering his decline surprisingly early, second baseman Chris Peek, who graded out at a B in power last season, has dropped to a "C". A DH at heart, Peek likely won't be getting much play time in Osaka this season, and he'll almost definitely be moved to another organization before the 31st of July.

2B Miguel Rill
R/R, 25 years old, Signed Internationally 2016
Signed only a week ago, Miguel Rill has amazing power, especially for a second baseman. His power has been compared to that of Takeya Nakamura, and he is only 25 years old. Rill has shown so much more during the preseason than the scouts expected from him, and he could be the one to put the Blue Wave in the playoffs. The Blue Wave hope that he will not enter his decline early like his fellow second baseman, Chris Peek, has done.

2B/SS/3B Ryou Abe
L/R, 26 years old, Signed 2012
Announced as the starting shortstop, Abe has almost all the talent he needs to fill out the position for the Blue Wave, and he looks for an excellent season. Abe has great speed and is looking to steal 30+ bases this year, and bat a solid .290 for Osaka. He is a tremendous slap hitter, especially as a lefty, so he will look for a huge season at the plate, on the bases, and with the glove.

IF Sota Takahashi
L/R, 22 years old, Acquired in Trade w/ Fighters, 2014
There's not much to say about Takahashi. He's one of the several solid backup infielders on the Blue Wave, awaiting an injury to a starter to get his chance to shine. He has some solid raw power, but needs to develop his contact. He also has a strong arm if he needs to be used at the hot corner.

3B/SS Ryo Kikuchi
R/R, 26 years old, Signed 2012
One of the best overall players on this team, Kikuchi has never been able to put up a season where he's hit for a good average, but he's looking to make this season, that season. Kikuchi has developed his contact nicely, and it should go very well together with his solid power and above-average speed. He also has an amazing arm on defense.

IF Kurou Kuwahara
R/R, 22 years old, Signed 2012
If Kuwahara's contact improved steadily in the next 2-3 years, Kuwahara would become a very solid starter in the next few years. Kuwahara is just not completely developed yet, and you can expect that from a 22-year-old, so it should be exciting to see what will come of him in the next few years.

SS/3B Hachirou Kanehara
R/R, 21 years old, Drafted 2012
Kanehara was a very solid prospect when he was drafted, and he has developed his contact very steadily. If his contact can get to a level that will suffice, and can improve gh is defense and speed, he could be a top tier player come 2020.

IF Yuu Yamada
R/R, 23 years old, Acquired in Trade w/Swallows, 2012
Yamada has lots of potential. He's developed his bat well and it goes very well along with his tremendous speed. His defense isn't half bad either, and Yamada could be a starting infielder on a few other teams in the league.

OF Itouki Kai
R/R, 28 years old, Signed 2012
The backbone of the Blue Wave offense, Kai, has come a long way at improving his contact since he was first signed. He has developed into one of the NPB's best outfielders, and it's a shame that his decline is so close in the future. Kai has a few solid years left in him though, so he would like to lead the Blue Wave to at least one playoff appearance.

OF Katashi Suzuki
R/R, 28 years old, Signed 2012
Suzuki has a rifle arm, and insane speed, but other than those two key factors, he's nothing but a bench player. He's come a way since he was younger, but he's still not at the level of an NPB starter, and he's already 28. If Suzuki doesn't plateau until he is around 33, he might have a few years as a starter, but his bat and defense need to improve.

OF Ryoichi Habu
L/R, 26 years old, Signed 2012
Habu is on the verge of becoming a superstar for the Blue Wave in the next couple of years if the right skills click for him. He needs his power to steadily improve, and his defense to improve a little in order to be considered a top talent, and those are realistic goals from the youngster, Habu.

OF/C Makoto Ohno
R/R, 29 years old, Signed in Free Agency 2012
Catcher turned outfielder, Makoto Ohno is a huge veteran presence on the field, and in the clubhouse for the Blue Wave. Set at leading this team to the playoffs, Ohno's cannon arm, and average bat are here in 2016 to lead the Blue Wave to their best season yet.


Editors note: PLEASE, give me feedback on this update, it took an hour to write, and itd be a shame if all this work was for nothing.



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 Post subject: Re: Osaka Blue Wave ~-~ The Challenge of Reinstatement
PostPosted: Thu Oct 22, 2015 2:58 am 
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another jppy logs? okay okay okay nice nice nice
i want to say "atleast you tried" but well, you tried to write it.
also can i say "welcome back!" to you?

you should look at my tumblr
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 Post subject: Re: Osaka Blue Wave ~-~ The Challenge of Reinstatement
PostPosted: Thu Oct 22, 2015 6:25 am 
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more Pawapuro logs? I'm all for this

formatting for the update is fine. but if it takes you that long and you're unsure about it, you should try a style you are more happy with, haha.

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