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 Post subject: Fantasty Football for Dumb Dumbs
PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2016 10:56 am 
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The draft kicked off and it was ready to pick, but none of the members actually seemed ready.
Summary of Round 1 and 2.
Round 1:
Phillies: WR Antonio Brown-With 1/2 PPR, Brown will be pretty hard to stop. Brown was second in most targets and recieving yards-but he led in receptions. He barely ever misses a game and if he caught the ball in the end zone he would be amazing at life.
Twins: WR Odell Beckham- He's like Yasiel Puig, mean and stupuid. He got a one game suspension for his stuff with Josh Norman and Odell is good no doubt because he can actually catch the ball in the end zone.
AgentP: RB Adrian Peterson-He's one of the NFL's Aroldis Chapman's but when he plays he is explosive and will get a lot of yards for the Viking especially because the Vikings run way too much.
D-Tigers: WR Julio Jones- With 1/2 PPR, Jones will also be pretty hard to stop. Jones was first in most targets and recieving yards, he also led in receptions. His problem too is he doesn't get many TDs.
BBteen: RB Todd Gurley- Todd Gurley can definently run, he's shown that getting 4.7 yards per carry last year and having the most rushing touchdowns and most rushing yards. If Todd Gurley starts to get in the passing game which he showed flashes is of, this is a great draft pick.
Prediction: RB Ezekiel Elliot- Elliot is a pretty good runningback and one day could a Todd Gurley, but maybe even better. Elliot is a great runner and will get in the passing game. We haven't seen him in his first NFL, which is a risk. Remember there have been many busts in the NFL, but Elliot probably isn't one of them-hope for Prediction that he isn't one of them.
Dish: RB Devonta Freeman- Devonta Freeman should've been drafted higher. This is the defintition of a total steal. He'll be a good rusher and a reciever. He could've even been picked before Ezekiel Elliot, who is quite a risk.
KFPC: TE Rob Gronkowski- Gronk is so much better than everyone else playing at TE. He posts WR like numbers somehow, and I'm buying.
Jag: WR DeAndre Hopkins- Hopkins is a great pick. No doubt about that. But he could get better. After he gets the ball in his hands he can't run with it. He just catches the ball. Hopkin is third in targets, recieving yards, and receptions. The third Antonio Brown/Julio Jones player in the first round.
Brewers: RB David Johnson- Johnnson still has a high ceiling, but has already met a high level of play. He runs 4.6 yard per carry last year and when he's touched, Johnson still goes. David Johnson shows me as somebody not only fast, but someone who can show a high level of strength and even on a bad run, he's going to get that back.
LGM: RB Le'Veon Bell:- Bell is sill a good pick, but maybe should've been kept for the second round. He is going to miss the first four weeks, and whn he comes back, he'll be healthy. However LGM has pretty great backups-getting Bell's backup DeAngelo Williams.
Zero: WR A.J. Green- Green may have a monster season this year with nobody in Cincinatti. Green could be a steal in this year's draft for Zero.

Round 2:
Zero: RB Lamar Miller- Miller is nice, however it is questoinable if he will stay healthy as a player as he will get 20 some touches of the ball with the Texans. However what we do know is that Miller when getting the ball will be good.
LGM: WR Allen Robinson-Allen Robinson is pretty good. If he can score touchdowns and increase in recieving yards and get the long ball, Robinson looks to be a pretty good player. He might be underrated too.
Brewers: WR Jordy Nelson- A hyuuuuuuuge risk, he is going to be pretty good, but round 2 good plus durability issues. Not good. Not good at all for Jordy Nelson. Not so good for a high second round pick.
Jag: RB Jamaal Charles- Another risk. Coming off of two ACL Injuries. If he doesn't get injured expect Devonta like numbers, but if he does get injured, maybe he should've been picked later.
KFPC: WR Keenan Allen- I am hoping that Allen doesn't dissapoint me with injuries. If he does, I have a pretty heavy bench of sleepers. Travis Bejamin or Terrelle Pryor could even be replacements as they are both going to be starters on their prospective teams. When Allen is on the field, he's good and don't forget Micheal Crabtree.
Dish: QB Aaron Rodgers- Rodgers will bounce back with Jordy Nelson, who is a hyuuuuuuuge risk. However picking a QB this early is also a hyuuuuuuuuuge risk. This probably lost him an RB2, but it's fine.
Prediction: WR Dez Bryant- I am not going to watching Dez Bryant, as he had a horrible season last year. Is this more to come? The awnser is probably no, however if Romo was still there, Bryant would still be good.
BBTeen: RB Doug Martin- BBTeen picked two halfbacks and we were hoping for him to get a backup QB too. But he didn't pick two backup halfbacks, he's a starter. Martin was pretty good, but is injury prone. Last year was not as good as he was as a rookie, but numbers looked pretty close.
D-Tigers: RB Mark Ingram- Ingram burst onto the fantasty scene last season, even getting receptions. Ingram runs very good too, Ingram has a pretty an injury problem however. Seems like a high risk here.
AgentP: WR Alshon Jeffery- Agent P made a great pick, here. He's pretty dominant, definently a WR1. However Alshon could make a pretty good showing. However if he gets injured again, this doesn't look so good. A Small Risk however for such a dominant player.
Twins: WR Brandon Marshall- Marshall won't slow down. What's wrong with this guy. He taking H2H. A pretty consistent player so this is a solid pick still.
Phils: WR Mike Evans- Myself, I would make Evans my number 1 WR, because Evans is nice. I was waiting for him to go to the second round, but Nick is a jerk. Evans is heavily targeted and as a WR2, Evans is going to rake.
So, there's the first update.

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 Post subject: Re: Fantasty Football for Dumb Dumbs
PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2016 11:48 am 
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Kungfupandacam wrote:
Brewers: WR Jordy Nelson- A hyuuuuuuuge risk, he is going to be pretty good, but round 2 good plus durability issues. Not good. Not good at all for Jordy Nelson. Not so good for a high second round pick.

You're just mad that he's white, we'll show you

Plus I don't think 1 torn ACL means durability issues... he missed 7 games total in the 7 years before that.

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You should have been banned from this forum over 5,000 posts ago tbh

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