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For those new to Wikis...
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Author:  MaxDSterling [ Thu Jan 24, 2008 10:26 pm ]
Post subject:  For those new to Wikis...

If you are new to wikis, please read check out this tutorial:

Both Wikipedia and this wiki run from the same software, and thus work the same (minus the admin categories because we haven't made them yet XD).

To be brief:
  • Each Playing Mode will have a general page with links to subsections and category pages. This ensure quick loads and keeping the wiki searchable. Also, it allows new players to quickly browse through the general page without becoming bombarded with technical details right away.
  • Use the discussion (talk) pages to suggest updates and layouts or corrections, not for discussing the game (which is what THIS FORUM is for).
  • And when commenting on a talk page. PLEASE SIGN YOUR COMMENTS with --~~~~ at the end, this will auto place your name and timestamp on your comment, so we know who said it.
  • Use the PREVIEW button to check your work for spelling/formatting errors before submitting. Repetitive submissions taxes the database and our hosting service and you could be temporarily banned.
  • This is a neutral guide. There is NO RIGHT METHOD to playing this game. The wiki is for the facts (or greatly tested hypotheses) only. You are, however, free to post your own guide in the Walkthroughs section.
  • Wiki links are only referenced the first time it appears. The rest of the article will have it in plain text.

More on this as I think of it.

Happy wikifying!

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